AR-C communication recorder

AR-C communication recorder

Lets you retrieve the precise conversation

Recording all radio communication and related data is a common requirement. Recording is necessary, if

  • You need to be able to find out what was said during an important conversation two weeks ago
  • You may need to check which orders were given a few minutes ago.

Many organizations have a legal obligation to record the radio communications. You may also have a management related reason for recording the voice and data calls in the network.

The AR-C is a compact communications recording system for the Claricor TETRA system. It records the radio communications in the system

  • all call related data information
  • together with the speech or data communication.

Did you know? Retrieval is not always this easy

Your radio network may have hundreds of users in many different organisations. They all use their radios in round-the-clock shifts.

What if an organization has to retrieve a certain conversation from among all this information?

Many other vendors’ TETRA networks are limited. There, a conversation can only be retrieved within a large chunk of conversations and data. This can be a problem. The chunk might contain conversations that the retriever is not authorized to hear.

Thankfully, TETRA networks from Airbus Defence and Space make it possible to retrieve the precise conversation.

Learn the details on the AR-C communication recorder: download the free datasheet -

Open the AR-C datasheet now

Compare and contrast:

Retrieving a conversation the difficult way and the AR-C way

Retrieve the conversation the difficult way

The difficult way

A conversation can be retrieved. However, it comes within a large chunk of conversations and data.

The same as a librarian handed over a stack of books and told you to look through them for a certain sentence.

The AR-C way

The precise conversation can be retrieved.

The same as a librarian opened the right book for you. Then pointed to the correct sentence on the correct page.

Retrieve information the AR-C way

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