Mobile Data Gateway from Airbus Defence and Space

Mobile Data Gateway 

Enable applications in PMR networks

The Mobile Data Gateway (MDG) provides automatic vehicle location (AVL) services to access the location information of mobile units.

3rd party data applications can use the MDG for risk-free integration to TETRA and Tetrapol network technologies.


AVL Service

The MDG includes Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) server functionality that scales from tactical laptop based configurations to a shared service on nationwide networks handling location information from different kind of mobile units.

The MDG supports the TETRA LIP protocol as well as the Tetrapol AVL. In addition, it supports the MLP (Mobile Location Protocol) so it is able to handle also location information from commercial cellular networks. It is very efficient because it uses special algorithms to prevent unnecessary exchanges over-the-air.

Introducing data applications

The MDG is a powerful tool for network operators looking to manage the Quality of Service of their data services.

Algorithms designed to optimize transporting data streams efficiently and securely with Airbus Defence and Space networks ensure the best use of available bandwidth.

Designed, tested and roadmap-synchronised with the PMR solutions from Airbus Defence and Space, the MDG is a future proof method to introduce data applications into PMR networks.

Application gateway

The MDG provides a web based interface for application developers. This makes it easier to integrate new applications in today’s and tomorrow’s radio networks.

By using the MDG interface, an application can work with several TETRA and Tetrapol radio networks without changes.

The smart way to integrate applications to PMR networks

Centralised quality of service management for all applications

Network access: TETRA, Tetrapol, P25 and 3G/4G

PMR services for applications: AVL, Messaging, Status, TETRA Call-Out for paging

Scalability: from laptop based tactical systems to nationwide georedundant systems

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