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OM 100


Locate people and vehicles accurately

Operations Manager 100 (OM 100) is a mapping application that lets dispatchers see

  • the location
  • the status
  • the active TETRA talk group

of each mobile unit.

Thanks to the OM 100, the dispatcher sees where each unit is. He also sees which unit can accept a new task. When there is an incident, he knows exactly which unit is closest and can be sent to the task.

Dispatcher can define how often mobile units update their location. The update can be based on the time passed, or on the distance travelled.


More than AVL

The OM 100 gives more than standard Automated Vehicle / Person Localisation (AVL/APL) systems. It is the ideal choice when a complex, fully integrated Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) system is not needed.

Track the units

The OM 100 helps track the units. It lets you set up automatic tracking of units. The dispatcher will get an alert if a mobile unit strays from a pre-planned route or from the duty area.

The OM 100 also has geofencing. The dispatcher can draw an area on the map and set up automatic tracking inside this area. This is useful for tracking

  • a convoy
  • the movement of VIPs
  • vehicles moving money or valuable goods
  • areas under guard.

Keeping informed – keeping a record

The OM 100 makes it easy for the dispatcher to send a messages to the units in the field, or to other dispatchers.

Message groups also work as a mission blogs. The blog records the actions. Key decisions can be shared during an incident, and they can be reviewed later.

More information

OM 100  can help your field operations. Find the details on the OM 100 datasheet:

Get the free datasheet now

Facts and figures

More than 280.000 radios tracked

Operational in 14 countries worldwide

Flexible – with the same software,

  • A single dispatcher can track 20 radios
  • Several control rooms can track 150,000+ radios

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