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Radio solutions for police

Choose modern radio solutions

As a capability planner for a police organization, you will need modern solutions that meet the critical needs.

Communicating via radios is critical, but the contrast between the professional radio and the smart device of today has led to more and more people using both for work.

Two devices instead of just the professional radio.

Two devices or just one?

It’s good to carry both a radio and a smartphone because one can, almost, be a backup for the other. But there are drawbacks.

Your people could carry one device instead of two. Tactilon® Dabat is a smartphone and TETRA radio in one.


Two devices are not better than one, and this blog post explains why. What is the right number of devices to carry?

TETRA in a smartphone?

With Tactilon Agnet, your people could have TETRA groups in their smartphones. Tactilon Agnet lets you use push-to-talk on a smartphone to communicate in a TETRA talk group. With people who carry a TETRA radio and also with the control room.


Choose communications that work for your organization

You will need effective and capable, mission-critical radio communication tools. But not at any price. You also need to keep an eye on the budget. Any equipment that you buy must be capable and cost-effective.

Our radio solutions are advanced but very easy to use. They can make your operations

  • more efficient
  • more effective
  • safer for field staff.

And they can also keep your capital and operational costs low.

How your organization can save money

The TH9 TETRA radio gives power on hand for mission-critical users.

The TH9 is simple and intuitive to use. The 1.8W output power is plenty, and two battery options will keep your powered all shift long.

Power on hand - TH9 handheld TETRA radio

The big performer that fits in your pocket

Small, light-weight, robust

The TH1n has all the features and functions you need. It has IP 65 classification and has undergone extensive robustness and strength testing.

TETRA covert solution with TH1n

The slim and light-weight TH1n TETRA radio adapts to covert use with special accessories.

When you don’t need to carry the TH1n covertly, you can carry and use it as a normal radio. You do not need two different radios.

Be smarter about buying TETRA radios

If you’re looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network, this document is a good place to start. Download this eBook and learn to write your radio RFP/RFQ so you'll get what you really need:

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Can you afford to bypass some unique synergies?

Does your organization use a TETRA radio system delivered by Airbus Defence and Space? If so, choose Airbus DS TETRA radios and your organization can benefit from a number of synergies.

This eBook explains the synergy benefits that you can gain: "5 ways that a TETRA radio could improve your operations ...and save money"

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You can also continue to browse synergy benefits.

Police organizations who use these radio solutions

Take a look at our Customer Stories

Need more information on the radio network?

You need your PMR radio every day. The radio connects to a PMR network - often to a TETRA network or a Tetrapol network.

Learn more about PMR networks: take a look at the Solution Description "Radio communication solutions for police organizations"

Open this solution description     

What about the future?

TETRA radio communications and Tetrapol networks continue to serve you when you need to talk to your dispatcher, your team, and other public safety organizations.

And you can adopt mobile broadband step-by-step.

Use case

This video shows what modern hybrid communication can mean for a police officer.

Video: How the police experience hybrid communication

Case missing child:

The Tactilon Agnet app can bring TETRA push-to-talk into smartphones. This video shows how useful this is when a child has gone missing.

 Video: Tactilon Agnet app in action

Tactilon Dabat

Tactilon Dabat is a smartphone and full TETRA radio in a single device. You no longer need to carry two separate devices.

Tactilon Dabat is a smartphone with apps and a TETRA radio in one device

TETRA radio solution

Take a look at the TETRA radio solution complete with the best accessories

Carrying accessory for TH1n TETRA radio

TH9 handportable

Take a look: Power on hand with the TH9 handheld TETRA radio

Power on hand with the TH9 TETRA radio

THR9i – safe and secure

The THR9i is the right radio for those who work in the field

THR9i radio is safe and secure in the field

Are you looking for a small TETRA radio?

The TH1n slimline fits in your pocket.

Security officer uses a TH1n radio from Airbus

Get a radio that fits you

A radio solution complete with accessories will fit your duties

Complete TETRA radio solution will fit your duties

Tactilon Agnet app

Check how TETRA groups and push-to-talk can be brought into smartphones thanks to the Tactilon Agnet app
Tactilon Agnet app brings TETRA groups into smartphones
Your TETRA radio has many personal safety features

Special synergy benefits

Use an Airbus radio in a TETRA system by Airbus. You can gain special benefits

Police organizations can get special synergy benefits

Putting you on the map

TETRA radios from Airbus Defence and Space include a variety of solutions for positioning
Positioning on the TETRA radio

Night Vision

Use your radio in the dark with Night Vision available on TETRA radios from Airbus Defence and Space

Night Vision on the TH1n TETRA radio

Where are you?

Adopt the ‘Where are you’ feature in the radios and you won’t have to ask!

Where are you feature works in TETRA radios from Airbus

Voice Feedback

The Voice Feedback feature guides you so you can use your radio even without looking at it - all you need to do is listen.

Voice feedback lets you use the PMR radio without looking

Taqto 2 smart terminal manager

See how easy it is to manage your radio fleet with the Taqto 2

Taqto 2 smart terminal manager

TPH900 handheld Tetrapol radio

Take a look at the powerful and compact TPH900 handheld Tetrapol radio

TPH900 Tetrapol radio

How to buy?

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