SmarTWISP application developer programme

SmarTWISP application developer programme

WANTED: Pioneers of Tactilon Dabat applications

Tactilon Dabat is the industry-first full TETRA radio built into a smartphone.

Soon you can develop your mission-critical apps or accessories for this exciting product - through our exclusive SmarTWISP application developer programme.

Join the SmarTWISP programme. Your product could help public safety and other professional users and their organizations.

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4 Nov, 2016 - Airbus Defence and Space creates new application developer programme

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Find out more about the Tactilon Dabat device at: and

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The Application Programming Interface (API) for the Tactilon Dabat device will be disclosed in 2017. 

Register now and you can be among the first ones to get access to the API and into the SmarTWISP programme. 

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Once you’ve been accepted into the SmarTWISP programme, you can:

1. Start developing your mission-critical product on our platform

2. Get licensed and start testing the app or accessory

3. Receive Airbus certification

4. BONUS: If your product helps boost our sales, you’ll enter a reward scheme.

Let’s change the future of mission-critical communication together!


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