Taqto® 2 terminal manager

Taqto® 2 terminal manager

For managing your TETRA radio fleet

Taqto 2 is the smart solution for managing and configuring

  • TETRA radios
  • TETRA Identity Modules (TSIM cards)
  • Tactilon Suite TSA apps.


Saves time and money

Taqto 2 lets you manage thousands of radios with a single click. You can update their software, or set new parameters.

You no longer have to send the radios to a service point for updates. Taqto 2 works securely over an IP connection.

Taqto 2 is the smart way to manage the radio fleet, and it can save you time and money.

6 reasons to choose Taqto 2

Efficiency. Taqto 2 helps save you money because you can manage the radio fleet over a remote IP connection. You won’t have to send radios back and forth for updates, for example.

Keyword: “usability”. The new Taqto 2 helps keep things simple. It makes a difficult configuration task much easier. It also minimizes the possibility for human errors in the process.

Centralized. Use a central Taqto server workstation for all device management tasks. The central backup of the device management database is a great safeguard when making changes. It also minimizes radio downtime.

Confirmed confidential. Taqto 2 secures your information. Your device management information is protected both in the Taqto database and while the Taqto server and clients are communicating.

Validation. The Taqto 2 will spot configuration errors in real time. It will not allow wrong programming. So configuration errors will not crop up later when the radio is already in use in the field.

Import and export. The new Taqto 2 helps manage TETRA talk groups. You can import and export group information to and from standard office tools such as Microsoft Excel. You don't have to enter them manually into each device.

Video: Taqto 2 in action - Taqto 2 can make you a smarter radio fleet manager
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