TETRA radio communications for professionals

TETRA radio communications

Digital radio for professionals

Secure communication over radio is essential for professionals on the move.

When seconds make a difference

In fast-changing situations and when lives may be at stake, professionals need communications that they can trust.

Communication between teams is critical for any operation. Efficient co-operation gets results in everyday situations. In exceptional situations, co-operation helps minimize damage to people and property.

In any situation, professionals must be able to communicate over radio:

  • With their colleagues in the field
  • With other teams
  • With mobile applications
  • With the dispatching or command centre.

You need a modern and proven solution

The radio communication network has to be proven in practice. Yet it has to be a modern solution. Investments today need to benefit your organization now and in the future.

A TETRA radio communication system from Airbus Defence and Space is the safe, professional choice. No other technology today can better meet the users' needs today - or even in the near future. These systems will continue to give valuable service for another 20-30 years.

There are three options for you when you are considering a TETRA system from Airbus Defence and Space:

  • Claricor Cell, a 10-minute deployable TETRA system
  • Claricor 7 system which can grow with your needs
  • Complete TETRA system which scales from a local to nationwide network

Easy-to-use radios

Your radio communication system is not complete without the radio devices. Choose the reliable, proven and easy-to-use TETRA radios from Airbus. Here's the complete portfolio:


What about smart devices and new data applications?

Do you need secure radio communications but you also want to enjoy the benefits of broadband? Tactilon Dabat is good news for you!

You can use Tactilon Dabat as a TETRA radio for critical communications. And you can use it as a smartphone for mobile applications.

You can complement the TETRA system with broadband to achieve a hybrid solution. Hybrid communications from Airbus DS means that:

  • You can continue with a TETRA network for mission-critical voice.
  • You can combine TETRA and LTE
  • You will adopt mobile broadband step-by-step.

Learn more about the hybrid communications approach - Download the white paper "How hybrid networks bring mobile broadband to public safety communications" -

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Why TETRA systems from Airbus DS?

Professionals use their radios every day – anywhere – all the time. The best choice for their radio network is a tried and tested TETRA solution.

Airbus Defence and Space provides TETRA radio communication systems based on the proven, TETRA standard.

A system may be standard, but systems by different manufacturers can do different things. Choose a TETRA system from Airbus Defence and Space and get the best benefits. For example:

  • The network is reliable every day but also also in exceptional circumstances
  • Your users will appreciate the excellent radio coverage without black spots
  • They will see and hear a clear indication if their radio should lose its connection

And there's more -

  • Organizations in the system stay secure and private from each other
  • The security features will meet your requirements
  • Data communications do not require a different device.

Plus, TETRA communication is easy for the users:

  • They press the PTT key on the radio to talk to a group of people
  • One click, and the dispatcher can talk to everyone
  • Background noise is filtered out
  • There is the red key for personal emergency
  • … and many more

Keeping the system with the latest software release guarantees the most modern solution following the PMR evolution.

TETRA radios from Airbus DS used in a TETRA network by Airbus DS can also give you unique synergy benefits and improve your operations.

Find practical examples of the benefits in the eBook "5 ways that a TETRA radio could improve your operations ...and save you money"

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What does it take to communicate seamlessly over radio?

Do you want to know more about the use of TETRA in public safety networks? This free Solution Description “Communication solutions for police” gives you the details:

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Before you invest

When you are considering the purchase of a new radio communication, take a look at five key things. This guide tells you how:

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Before you choose

When you are considering which radio communication system to choose, you should make sure that the system can support your operations. This guide tells you the five questions to ask:

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Reference examples

Airbus Defence and Space is a reliable partner for you. We have years of experience in delivering radio communication systems into operation. These are just a few examples:

  • Nationwide BOS digital radio network for German authorities
  • VIRVE, nationwide public safety network in Finland. In operation since 2002
  • RAKEL, nationwide authority network in Sweden
  • Transneft, communications along their oil pipelines
  • KEPCO, Korean power company

Airbus Defence and Space is committed to maintaining these systems for years to come. This guarantees that the TETRA system develops for a long time.

See this on video

First responders depend on their TETRA radios for critical communications. This video explains how the use of professional mobile radio benefits the public safety sector.

Video: Secure Land Communications



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