TETRA Voice Gateway for control room integration

TETRA Voice Gateway


Integrate TETRA voice into big control rooms

You will need a gateway when interconnecting the TETRA system and another IT system. The TETRA voice signal is encrypted and it has special characteristics. Only TETRA equipment can deal with the signal directly.

For example, you will need the gateway when connecting the TETRA system to

  • command and control systems
  • recording
  • Public safety applications where the equipment handles IP or PCM formats
  • Telephony systems, PABX/PSTN

The TETRA Voice Gateway will convert both the incoming and outgoing signal.

Choose the TETRA Voice Gateway when you need high capacity

The TETRA Voice Gateway can handle 240 audio streams on a single E1 transmission line.

The hardware is a standard server and it can be managed over a remote connection. To optimise operational expenses, you can set up the TETRA Voice Gateway in the rack that also houses the DXTA TETRA Server, for example.


TETRA Voice Gateway - How it works between the TETRA network and the control room applications

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