TMR880i mobile radio

TETRA radio for your vehicle

The TMR880i mobile radio is a good choice for your vehicle:

  • Easy to use and to learn
  • Easiest menus and selections
  • Great set of functions
  • Versatile installation options.

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TMR880i auf Deutsch

The TMR880i is very similar to use as the popular THR880i handheld radio.

Many installation options

The two-part design makes it easy to set up the TMR880i in many ways, to work in

  • A fire engine
  • Truck
  • Police car
  • A ship even.

For example, you can set up the bulkier radio part under the driver’s seat. The control unit is very slim. It is easy to set up on the dashboard.


Additional accessories may bring you more benefits. Choose your accessories from the TETRA Accessories catalogue -

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Use the TMR880i as a data radio

The TMR880i comes in two parts

  • The radio part
  • The control unit with display and keys.

The radio part also works without the control unit.

Integrate the radio unit into another piece of equipment and use for data applications:

  • Telemetry
  • Positioning apps
  • Remote control.

Use the TMR880i as a repeater

The TMR880i set up at the edge of Direct Mode (DMO) range will expand the range.

Use the TMR880i in tracking your fleet

The TMR880i includes an A-GPS receiver. Enjoy a number of positioning features such as guidance with waypoints.

Use the TMR880i with privacy

The standard TETRA encryption protects you from eavesdropping. If you need more privacy, you can choose end-to-end encryption based on a smart card.

Use the TMR880i for tailored apps

The TMR880i includes a Java™ platform. You can run ready-made and tailored applications on it. Airbus DS TETRA radios are the only ones in the market to support Java.

TMR880i mobile TETRA radio

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