Viewcor® and Viewcor Lite

Visualize the radio network

In Viewcor, you can see the status of the radio network presented as maps, tables, trend graphs and reports. It is easy to understand what is happening in the network.

For example, Viewcor can show

  • the status of base station air interfaces for each channel
  • the status of the radio network and radio coverage on a map
  • the current statusas well as historical views.

Viewcor for user organisations

Dispatchers need stay on top of every situation. What if teams at an incident complain they cannot talk to each other?

With Viewcor:

  • The dispatcher can see the status of nearby base stations, channel capacity and coverage. If everything is normal, the problems must originate with the users and the dispatcher can give apporpriate advice.
  • The dispatcher can also see which groups are generating the most traffic. If there’s too little capacity, the dispatcher can combine some groups.
  • Cleverly, Viewcor can warn of imminent congestion. The dispatcher can instruct the users, or cut off one-to-one calls if necessary. Alternatively, they can activate reserve capacity at a base station.
  • The level of coverage at the incident area is also shown. If needed, the dispatcher can send out a mobile base station to help the situation.

Viewcor for the network operator

The operator must keep the network in proper working order to serve users properly. In addition to our current network management systems: NetAct, NetBoss XT and Elmo, Viewcor can be helpful to operators as well.

From Viewcor reports:

  • The operator can check where radio access needs to be improved.
  • The operator can be prepared. It’s possible to predict trouble spots that may cause user organisations to complain. If possible, the operatory can fix the issue before any complaints are made.
  • The operator can optimize. Network capacity can be better used by identifying which base stations are handling less traffic than they are dimensioned for, enabling capacity to be re-allocated elsewhere to meet demand.


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With Viewcor, it is easier for people in an emergency centre or those who manage operations to make the right decisions.

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