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Solution highlights – Secure Land Communications
Security person uses the Tactilon Dabat device
Tactilon Dabat

This product is world’s first  a smartphone and a full TETRA radio in one device.

Learn more about Tactilon Dabat

Tactilon Agnet on a smartphone
Tactilon Agnet

With this professional app for smartphones, people can take part in important TETRA group communications. 

Learn more about Tactilon Agnet

Nurse carrying the TH1n TETRA radio
TH1n – slimline TETRA radio
Looking for a small-sized TETRA handheld radio? The TH1n fits in any pocket, is light-weight and robust.
P8GR in a fireman's hand
P8GR – Virve-pager
P8GR is an active Virve-pager. With P8GR you can acknowledge an alarm and let the others know if you are available for the task.
Customer stories
Rescue vehicles on a Finnish road
VIRVE - nationwide public safety network

The VIRVE radio network has been in operation since 1998 and it continues to serve the Finnish police, fire brigades, ambulances, frontier guards, and defence forces, for example.

Security professional and a police officer with communication devices
Nationwide public safety networks
Airbus is the market leader in delivering large-scale TETRA networks. Take a look at a selection of nationwide public safety references.
Sleeping baby
Baby-savers and their TETRA radios

Babies in the North Karelia Central Hospital have an even better chance of a healthy life. This is thanks to alerts on VIRVE radios that bring medical staff running.

Secure communications customer stories
Take a look at a selection of Airbus references in public safety, metro companies, airports, energy industry, and in securing major events.
Solutions for national defence
C295 – the most versatile tactical transport aircraft

The Airbus C295 is a new generation tactical airlifter in the light and medium segment. The Finnish Air Force operates the aircraft since 2007 and has in total three of them. 

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

MST (multi-sensor tracking) is an ISR solution that gathers information from surveillance sensors and other sources producing a real-time target situation picture for national defence. Read more about our C4ISR portfolio.

Fighting cyber threats
Take a look at Airbus CyberSecurity's services and products that are made to protect governments, military organisations and critical national infrastructure from cyber threats. 
Secure satellite communication any time, any where

18 armed forces worldwide, including NATO and European Defence Agency, rely on our satellite communication services and solutions


Video: Hybrid solutions

How does smooth evolution from TETRA towards mission-critical broadband look?

See how hybrid solutions open up a new world of applications to help public safety and other professional radio users work more effectively every day.


Video: Trainees at Airbus Defence and Space in Finland

At Airbus in Finland we work with high technology in the field of telecommunication, defence and security. We develop products and services for critical communication, command and control, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. 

By participating in our Trainee Programme, you'll get the chance to work with technologies that really matter. 


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