5 things that made CCW 2016 a successful professional event

Published: 8 Jul 2016
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Two months ago, I had never experienced the Critical Communications World event. At that time, I shared some thoughts with you in this blog post. Now that I’ve seen the event from start to finish, I am very happy - the CCW 2016 event was a great success, and for the following five reasons:

1. People

In my earlier blog post, I suspected that the CCW event would not be a walk in the park! This was SO true - it was a stressful, challenging, difficult experience, but I still loved the journey. There are several reasons why, but the biggest and most important is the people I worked with, who visited our stand and supported us to achieve this event success.

It is always rewarding to see smiling people entering the stand, on the second as well as the first day. It is also satisfying not hearing any complaints about stand construction, meeting room facilities or bad coffee. The motivation and spirit before and during the event was amazing and everyone wanted to succeed.

2. Fascinating panels and presentations

More than 200 speakers delivered very detailed and descriptive presentations from different sides of mission-critical markets, with all putting their major focus on users and use cases.


There’s no doubt that LTE for mobile broadband was the hottest topic at the event. One earlier blog post picked ten of the most inspiring quotes from experts who captured the essence of today’s critical communications industry. There’s a printable version of these 10 smart quotes –

Get the printable quotes

Overall, the top six themes in the conference and exhibition were:

  • Mobile Network Operators and cloud based services
  • Sharing a mission-critical backbone
  • Fast and small LTE deployments for industry
  • The opportunities that the Internet of Things (IoT) gives for a wider situational view of incidents
  • Hybrid networks (radio communication networks complemented by broadband LTE networks)
  • Use cases for data - from real users.

3. As expected - honest visitors

Fortunately, there were no unexplained disappearances of equipment. We announced great new devices close to the event, for example, Tactilon Dabat. I was aware that these would prove so popular that we could lose at least one during the CCW. But no – what we were happy to give away was more than 1000 cups of coffee and a good stock of traditional giveaways.

4. Adding innovation to past achievements

The last two things that made CCW special are a little more personal to me but still I think they contributed to the overall success of our show by attracting customers.

In May, I wrote about the show’s well-established and highly respected position in supporting the industry. Keeping that in mind during planning, I took care of all the most important things like dedicated meeting rooms and lounge areas so our sales and management team could have the best possible atmosphere to meet partners and customers.

As well as the expected basics, I added innovations like the LED screen roof, comprising three LED screens with more than two million lamps. All those lamps were a big attraction to visitors across the entire hall 8 and even helped our stand neighbors with some added brightness.


5. A team full of heroes

This was another personal success that I felt added to the appeal and efficiency of our stand. To help identify our demo staff, I designed a special soccer shirt with the Airbus colors and special text linking us to a partner.

The shirt made a huge difference to the whole team, as we really were the TEAM, working together for our customers. Also, it helped our sales team to identify our experts from the sea of black suits. Just like Jari Litmanen, who played number ten at AJAX in Amsterdam, all the shirts were emblazoned with the number 10, making every demo person feel like the hero of the game.


And, by offering our customers the help and solutions they needed, we were all on the winning side.

Did you visit our stand? If not, you can still see our virtual stand tour and check the event highlights from YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNmAsYQ9NqM

Do you agree? Did you find CCW 2016 a success? Why? Or why not? Let me know in the comments section!

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