8 things I would like to have seen in Key Touch magazine

Published: 5 May 2017
Author: Tiina Saaristo
Reading time: 5 min

I’ll let you in on a little secret. For every article that appears in Key Touch magazine, the editors come up with ideas for at least seven more. They may work on some and realize that, for one reason or another, there isn’t a story there for a magazine. Or the idea will be postponed.

Here’s another secret – or actually, eight of them. These are 8 topics that have been presented as an idea for Key Touch and were never realized. However, I would very much have liked to see these 8 stories come to life!

Key Touch magazine covers

1. The Animal Story

The first is actually several ideas. To bring nature into this very technical magazine, I’ve always been interested in featuring stories related to animals. We’ve written about an RSPCA organization in the UK and Helsinki Zoo which use TETRA communications, complete with animal pictures.

But we haven’t been able to finalize the following:

  • Communication then and now - compares today's possibilities with carrier pigeons

  • Police elephants in India

  • Brand ambassador kitten in a police station in Tampere, Finland

  • A nature reserve that protects tigers

  • Reindeer in police work in Lapland.

2. The Practical Benefits Story

“Three features that can improve your company’s productivity.”

The headline is simple, but this story requires a specific kind of research and contacts, and we’ve always had to prioritize others. In addition, I’m certain that several features would fit the bill. Which ones to choose?

3. The Network Planning Story

If the editorial team of Key Touch were network planning experts, this article would have been written already. As things are, we only have a few questions that would launch the research: “In addition to the base station’s characteristics and capabilities, what else affects the coverage that users will experience? Radio power, terrain, parameters? Do we have examples of poor vs clever parameterising?”

4. The Shocking Story

This idea is at least five years old, perhaps older. I’ve just jotted down a statement: “50% of current fault reports to us could be eliminated by better training. People do not seem to know how to operate our systems optimally”. This was an intriguing statement, but it may have been an exaggeration. Nothing has come of this idea so far.

5. The Future Story

“Wearable PMR concepts”. This is such a wonderfully open field for research, but it also means there is too much to look at, with too little time.

6. The “Oops” Story

“How to accidentally waste network capacity”. This was one of mine. I know at least one way to waste network capacity without meaning to - if the network is congested and users do not get through, they may keep pushing the PTT several times. This generates even more load on the network. Instead, they should keep the PTT down until they get their turn to speak. There might be other ways, but I haven’t yet done the research.

7. The Vehicle Story

One of our editorial team once suggested a vehicle theme, including reporting unusual ambulance set-ups. He knew of two, one a special ambulance in Berlin, equipped with an incubator for newborn babies. Also in Berlin, there is a bus sized ambulance used for multiple-victim accidents - but also for transporting overweight people. The note said “three times every week,” but I don’t remember if that refers to the overall use of the big ambulance, or if that meant there are three cases of hugely overweight people to be transported every week.

8. The “I Was There” Story

Almost for the single reason that “I was there” myself, I would have liked to have featured the Eurovision Song Contest held in Helsinki in 2007, as well as the huge festive gathering of people in downtown Helsinki in 2011, celebrating Finland’s Ice Hockey Championship.

Unfortunately, it turned out that just my being there wasn’t enough to make it a workable idea  - but perhaps I will be better prepared for the next event I go to and will be able to write about the communications in use?

Maybe one or two of these eight stories could still be made into Key Touch articles. Who knows?

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