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What does "TETRA over LTE" mean? »

TETRA over LTE? Public safety LTE? What do these things really mean? Ask an engineer to explain what TETRA over LTE means and they may say something like: "TETRA over LTE is an LTE smart device application and an interface in the TETRA service core to connect from the smart device to TETRA services, using a secured VPN tunnel over LTE data access." Okay, but what does that mean in everyday...

23 Oct 2018 by Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen  |  Critical communications

Why group calls must tick the critical communications boxes »

We often see tables comparing radio technologies or solutions, with 'group call' marked with a single yes/no check box. Yet, is that really fair?  A group call is much more than 'yes, it can be done', or 'no, only one-to-one calls are possible'. How much more? A lot more. Here are ten capabilities that first spring to mind when I think about group calls.

6 Jan 2017 by Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen  |  Critical communications , PMR radios

TETRA on a smartphone - and four other gains from a modernized network »

You are running your faithful, reliable TETRA network and it is serving you well. It ain’t broke, so you aren’t thinking of fixing it. But maybe your TETRA network could serve you or your customers even better. For example, did you know that networks running the latest software could give you five very attractive new options?

18 Nov 2016 by Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen  |  Critical communications

How to build maximum availability also in the PMR future »

Governments and organizations whose operations rely on smooth communications have chosen to set up dedicated communication networks. Their prime objective: availability. After all, failure in communications could jeopardize operations and put lives at risk. Public safety organizations in particular need their communication systems to be very reliable and always available. What does...

2 Sep 2016 by Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen  |  TETRA future

Do you think PMR evolution is only a question of technology? »

The near future will see more and more calls to emergency centres arriving in a digital format. There are 5 important reminders of making multimedia-capable critical communication networks happen. And it is not only a question of technology!

5 Aug 2016 by Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen  |  Critical communications

How to get secure communications in 10 minutes or less »

Setting up a secure communications system doesn’t always have to be a six-month project involving technicians and engineers. It can be done in 10 minutes – or less. 

22 Jul 2016 by Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen  |  Critical communications

How to be right about PMR evolution to public safety broadband »

Imagine how much better a fire and rescue service could work if its staff could easily send live video images of the incident to the control room. Or if a police officer could complete their admin tasks during a coffee break, while remaining in their patrol car, out on the beat? Broadband technologies can make these opportunities real for public safety organizations. But how do we get to this...

3 Jun 2016 by Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen  |  Critical communications

Answering the question on everyone's lips: How to build broadband for public safety? »

The hybrid network approach offers a solution that meets all the needs of professional users.

12 Feb 2016 by Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen  |  Critical communications

Want a smooth evolution to broadband? Get 3 things right and you're good to go »

You’re keen to offer broadband to your professional network users and want a stress-free evolution towards it – but do you know the three key things that will ensure it all goes without a hitch? There’s no great secret - an IP backbone, a focus on network experience and the ability to handle both PMR and broadband will put you on the right road.

29 Jan 2016 by Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen  |  Critical communications