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How to make sure you get the PMR radios you need »

When looking for new radios, it’s easy to get distracted by all the ‘gee whiz’ features they offer – bright colour screens, voice feedback, sophisticated menus and a host of other technical specifications and abilities. But do the radios you are considering really offer what you need? The baseline is the people using them in the field – your people. Will a particular radio offer the features...

12 Aug 2016 by Satu Lamberg  |  4 min read
PMR radios

How to get the right balance into your radio RFP »

You already have or use a TETRA network. But what about your TETRA radios? Are they still meeting the needs of your organisation and users? Or do you need to buy new devices to meet demand? The benefits of new radios can certainly be worth it - they can make your staff’s everyday tasks easier, help them be more effective, or even save money for you. But how can you best specify what you need?

29 Jul 2016 by Satu Lamberg  |  2 min read
TETRA radios

5 things you need to stop asking in your radio RFP/RFQ »

So you want to buy new radios for use on your TETRA network. You’ll probably have read lots of good advice already, telling you to do this and that if you want to get the ones that are right for you. But, what about the things you shouldn’t do? When buying new radios, which five things should you stop asking in your Request for Proposals (RFP)?

23 Jun 2016 by Satu Lamberg  |  2 min read
TETRA radios

Easy ways for better use of your PMR radio »

Four shortcuts and five uses for the red emergency button can give you nine new tricks for your TETRA radio. Check them out - you can learn to use your radio even better than before!

6 May 2016 by Satu Lamberg  |  3 min read
PMR radios