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What Wikipedia can't tell you about hackathons »

Buzzword it might be, but the term “hackathon” frequently comes up in discussions. Yet, do you know what a hackathon actually is and why they are organized? What is so great about working 24 hours straight or a whole weekend, bringing your idea to life? Participants in an Airbus Critical App Challenge – a hackathon like event – reveal things that you won’t find elsewhere.

13 Mar 2018 by Tapio Mäkinen  |  5 min read
Public safety apps, Critical communications, Professional apps

How a hybrid TETRA and broadband network helps you avoid risks »

Today, you may have a TETRA network which you and the users are happy with. Chances are, you may still be looking for ways to complement its voice and narrowband data with new mobile applications on smart devices. Are you worried about the continuity of your current communications? Do you want to avoid four particular risks?

3 Nov 2017 by Tapio Mäkinen  |  4 min read
Critical communications, TETRA future

5 big benefits of hybrid networks for smart airports »

Airports depend on professional radio communications to run their operations smoothly. By going ‘smart’ and adopting a hybrid network that delivers the best of both TETRA and broadband broadband solutions, airports can reduce operating costs, manage flights more effectively and improve security.

18 Aug 2017 by Tapio Mäkinen  |  3 min read
Critical communications, Airport comms, TETRA future

Success stories and case studies from around the world »

Across the world, professionals rely on their radios when communication is critical. Our customers are professionals representing public safety, transport, industry and other organizations who need reliable and secure radio communication solutions in their daily work. Meet some of our customers through Customer Stories!

16 Jun 2017 by Tapio Mäkinen  |  3 min read
Critical communications

Why a hybrid network is a great idea for airports »

Arriving at an airport, whether for a holiday or a business trip, you expect things to go smoothly. Check-in, security, luggage handling, boarding – all depend on good communications.  This blog post explains why a hybrid TETRA/broadband network really meets an airport’s needs.

9 Jun 2017 by Tapio Mäkinen  |  3 min read
Airport comms, TETRA future

Why not have both TETRA and LTE? »

If you are a PMR professional, it is almost certain that you have used broadband and apps professionally or thought about it. It is true that broadband technologies such as LTE offer great possibilities. New multimedia-enriched messaging or video transmissions from the field can bring new efficiencies to everyday operations. Where does trusty TETRA fit in these scenarios? The answer: TETRA and...

19 May 2017 by Tapio Mäkinen  |  3 min read
Critical communications, TETRA future

Making the difficult easier - ISI is coming to life »

TETRA is a marvelous tool for communicating between individuals, groups and organisations but what of the next level – between whole countries? It is certainly possible – the Inter System Interface or ISI has been around for some years but only now is it really starting to bring practical results as countries link up their authority TETRA networks.

24 Mar 2017 by Tapio Mäkinen  |  4 min read
Critical communications, TETRA future

Photo review: Around the world in 16 events »

Whether in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Botswana, Ecuador, or Vietnam; PMR evolution and hybrid solutions have been hot topics in this year's events. Can you spot familiar faces or places in this photo review? 

30 Dec 2016 by Tapio Mäkinen  |  11 min read

Citius, Altius, Fortius - its fascinating meaning for PMR users »

Citius, altius, fortius, or in English, faster, higher, stronger, reflects how athletes strive to perfect their sport and become worthy of a gold medal. The same quest for excellence lives in the world of technology and engineers work hard to provide solutions that match this motto. What are some of the interesting and perhaps surprising examples of faster, higher, or stronger in the world of...

21 Oct 2016 by Tapio Mäkinen  |  4 min read
Critical communications