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Never get lost in the PMR jargon jungle again »

It can be tricky keeping up with the jargon and abbreviations in many fields, but in a fast-moving area such as IT or communications new terms are emerging all the time. Get our cheat sheet of PMR abbreviations and never be confused by them again!

17 Jun 2016 by Tiina Saaristo  |  1 min read
Critical communications

How to decide on your radio communication technology now »

If you have followed the trends of the PMR market, you must be aware of the discussion and publicity around LTE and broadband. We are on the brink of a transformation in critical communications – apparently. All this hype is confusing especially if you are in the process of specifying a new radio communication system for your organisation.

22 Apr 2016 by Tiina Saaristo  |  3 min read
TETRA future

Choosing a new radio comms system? Avoid these common traps »

When choosing a new radio communication system, there are some key traps to avoid. If you don’t, you could find costs spiraling and operational efficiency falling. That’s because you end up with a system that ticks all your requirement boxes, yet still won’t deliver what you need for your everyday work. So what are the pitfalls? Read on to see the risks to avoid when looking for a new radio...

11 Mar 2016 by Tiina Saaristo  |  3 min read
Critical communications

How to use PMR and be better than James Bond »

James Bond overcomes his enemies with hi-tech gadgets that the ever ingenious "Q" provides. But you can do so much better than Bond with solutions that Airbus can provide!

11 Dec 2015 by Tiina Saaristo  |  3 min read
Critical communications