Experiences of a TETRA man at ADIPEC, an energy event

Published: 13 Nov 2015
Author: Tapio Mäkinen
Topics: Events

ADIPEC stands for The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference and it took place 9-12 November 2015. It’s the world’s biggest energy congress. I was one of around 85,000 attendees.

Busy exhibition area at the ADIPEC 2015 event

Why would I visit an event like ADIPEC, you may be asking – after all, I’m more of a TETRA man. But energy, oil and gas is one of the big user sectors for TETRA solutions globally.

 At ADIPEC, I learned that this industry identifies not only with oil and gas, but energy in general, including solar panels and other renewable energy sources.

The event was enormous. There were 2,000 exhibition stands, and 14 huge halls full of equipment and products. It was also very international. For example, there were 23 country pavillons each of which of course showcased several companies.

Most products on show were heavier stuff than one sees in telecom events. It was impossible to stand so that one would not have seen either a pump, a pipe or a valve.

Equipment on show at the ADIPEC 2015 event

To my untrained eye, one valve looked pretty much like another. But when I started asking, it was interesting. Oil production, for example, is an extremely complex process. There are products dedicated to every part of the process from prospecting to maintenance.

The coolest thing for me to see was how accurately they can guide the route of drills. I did not know that drills today can go sideways – not only straight down. This of course means that there’s an increasing risk of a drill getting stuck. The work and the expensive drill would go to waste if it could not be retrieved. There were a variety of solutions for this particular problem. Fascinating!

Also, I learned how they use 3D modelling and 3D viewing. Nowadays, the more flexible drilling has made it possible to take advantage of areas which could not be reached before. The whole oil well can be measured, analysed and 3D modelled, and engineers can then view it from different directions using 3D virtual glasses. This makes it possible to identify the most economical way to drill into the hard-to-reach areas.

3D virtual glasses at the ADIPEC 2015 event

I was particularly delighted to see the success stories at the exhibition stands. Even though most stands had a very standard set up where the equipment was the eye catcher, companies could also demonstrate how their products had enabled customer success. In fact, there were a lot more success stories visible than I’ve got used to seeing at PMR exhibitions.

Customer stories and success stories well presented at the ADIPEC 2015 event

This industry is well in the way to cross-over innovations – innovations which take technology from another industry and adapt it to the needs of another. For example, the energy industry is already applying innovations from the automobile, biotechnology, and food industry. The Japanese are perhaps the forerunners of this trend. I’d like to see more cross-over innovations in PMR as well!

The Conference theme was “Innovations and Sustainability in the New Energy World”. There’s increasing demand for energy, and the industry needs to introduce better efficiency. There is great pressure to use the same amount of resources but produce more.

Keynote speaker at the ADIPEC 2015 conference

It was clear from several keynotes that the industry seeks to invest in ways to produce more energy with lower carbon emissions and with environmental sustainability. Natural gas was referred to as an environmentally friendly source of energy that would meet these requirements.

Another key concern in this industry is safety - and this brings me to the topic of TETRA at ADIPEC.

The event was organized at the ADNEC – Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. It was easy to see that the people working for security and logistics were using TETRA radios.

Security presonnel at the ADNEC use TETRA radios

In addition, TETRA radios were visible in the street – the police were carrying handhelds and I also saw several motorbike installations.

I was made welcome at the Atlas Communications exhibition stand. They have delivered TETRA solutions to an impressive number of energy users in the UAE.

ATLAS Telecom stand at the ADIPEC 2015 event

“Digital oilfield” was a hot term at the event. I believe that the digital TETRA would be extremely beneficial for digital oilfields!

For example, this product would be safe to use in hazardous environments such as oil plants, gas pipelines and refinery plants:

        THR9 Ex ATEX TETRA radio        

For even more images, check the ADIPEC Photo Gallery on the Key Touch website 

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