Five interesting things that make CCW a unique event

Published: 13 May 2016
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Critical Communications World (CCW) is the undoubted go-to event for secure communications professionals. It’s where the industry’s leading lights (blue and other) come to catch up on what’s new, discuss business and technology and even influence the future development of critical communications.

I've visited more than 100 exhibitions and events and helped organize dozens. I find CCW unique, and there are five reasons for that.

A CCW 2013 exhibition stand

Critical Communications World a very important event, which made my responsibility for planning the Airbus Defence and Space stand at this year’s show in Amsterdam all the more daunting, yet also exciting. My first time with this responsibility, I have learned much about what makes this show such an experience each year.

For me, there are five stand-out reasons:

1. Unrivalled legacy

Whoever I have spoken to, from both my own company and others, they all mention the show’s well-established and highly respected position in supporting the industry.

2. Different year, same customers

Although CCW is an annual event, 90% of visitors return each year. How’s that for continuity?

3. Frequency licences

“Frequency licences? What are those?” was my reaction. Yet I now realise just how important these are at the show - after all, we really DO NOT want to mess up a public safety radio network with our demo cases.

4. Theft - or rather, the lack of it

Having been involved with other exhibitions, I know that the unexplained disappearance of equipment can be problematic. When I first raised this issue with my colleagues, they were aghast. “Really? It’s not like that at CCW,” they said. Well I suppose the show is attended by the police and other security services. But of course, giveaways are always popular, so we need to keep a good stock on the stand.

5. Dress code

Dark suit and tie. I understand that – a business-like dress code is important and respectful of visitors. Our sales teams and partners must be smartly dressed, but our demo staff on the Airbus stand will be active all day and will need more comfortable attire. Visitors, of course, will be wearing a variety of styles, but we don’t mind – whatever works for you.

Amsterdam city view

The biggest lesson for me has been just how much highly detailed planning and hard work is needed to create an outstanding presence for Airbus Defence and Space as a CCW Gold Sponsor with a prominent stand. I have been involved in several events before, but this is something totally new and different.

Ever since I opened my inbox on a grey and dark November morning in Helsinki to find an email from my boss telling me I was to make it all happen, it has been just about non-stop. From the many calls and meetings, to making decisions about the stand’s design, agreeing which demos need to be developed, to the logistics of getting everything and everyone ready. It has been no walk in the park!

Through all this, I've strived to respect the CCW legacy, to be innovative and create an exciting presence for Airbus Defence and Space.

Have we succeeded? You will have to judge for yourself by visiting our stand at CCW, which takes place this year from 31 May- 2 June. at stand D.42.

Visit CCW 2016 website

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