Five top highlights of PMR Expo

Published: 9 Dec 2016
Author: Kirstin Bircks
Topics: Events

In November, Cologne hosted the PMR Expo, central Europe's largest annual PMR exhibition. It was a terrific event across the board, but five aspects particularly caught my attention as they all reveal the growing demand from user organizations and innovative products to satisfy that demand.

Highlight 1: Strong growth this year

There were 15% more visitors this year than last, said the German Federal Association of Professional Mobile Radio (PMeV). This is a clear indication that mission-critical TETRA and Tetrapol technologies will be in demand well into the next decade and beyond. And walking around the Expo it was easy to see the growth in new approaches towards broadband, especially hybrid networks - PMR networks complemented with broadband.

Highlight 2: Exciting products launched

Tactilon Dabat, the only smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device was presented for the first time in Germany. A new, fully-capable TETRA server was also launched.

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Highlight 3: BOS-certified two-way TETRA pager

A popular demo proved to be the fully BOS-certified P8GR active TETRA pager that is currently being rolled out in Germany. As well as a live demo of its ruggedness and alert capabilities, many visitors also watched the new video of the pager in action, and so can you on the P8GR web page.

TETRA-based paging is an effective way to update alerting systems.

Highlight 4: Public safety organisations need modern solutions

An Expo wouldn't be an Expo without expert talks. One of the most revealing came from Mr. Ralf Jäger, Minister for Interior and Local Government of North Rhine-Westphalia, who confirmed that German public safety organisations are looking for new ways of working and consider smart devices to be key to their modernisation.

During my three busy days at the event, I saw how the revolutionary Tactilon Dabat device really caught the attention of visitors from the police, fire and rescue services, and utilities. Tactilon Dabat has quickly marked itself out as the next big thing for the whole PMR industry.

(You may also want to check out what Gert Jan Wolf thinks about this:

Highlight 5: Professional applications are in

It was easy to guess that people would want to see a live Tactilon Dabat device. Yet what really surprised me was the number of deep discussions around the SmarTWISP programme for application and accessory developers. The programme was launched only two weeks before the event, but there were many interested application and accessory developers wanting to find out more .

Application and accessory developers have a key role in helping users to get most from their devices. As one Expo visitor told me: "For the first time, users can have easy-to-use mobile applications that are also mission critical".

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