Five ways TETRA paging will transform your work

Published: 4 Dec 2015
Author: Antti Eskelinen
Reading time: 2 min

When alerting your staff, do you always know who got the call? How many are on their way to help?

Active paging over TETRA can give you the answers.

When calling staff in to face an emergency, paging is a good way to do it. But until now, it has been a one way street. You can send out the alert quick enough, but responses are not so rapid. You have to wait for a call. And can you be sure everyone got the alert?

Active paging solves these problems. The new way of paging allows staff to respond to your message, and you get a much better idea of who is on the way.


Active TETRA paging gives five great advantages over traditional pagers.

1. You will know who is available

With TETRA paging, the dispatcher can see right there on the screen who is ready to help. Pager users can send a status message to tell the dispatcher if they are available for alerts.

2. You can give priority

Some incidents are more urgent than others. In TETRA paging, the dispatcher can assign a priority class to the alert, so staff know exactly how severe the incident is.

3. You will get a fast response

Once the alert is sent, a timer is started. The pager user must accept the alert before the timer runs out or be recorded as not available. The dispatcher can see right away who has accepted the task and who has rejected it. The dispatcher can then send more detailed information as a text message to those who accepted.

4. You can alert the roles you need

Some incidents need specialist skills. For instance, a fire may involve chemicals and need the advice of a chemical expert. TETRA paging systems can be set to alert people with the skills to match and avoid alerting them if they are not needed.

5. You can update easily

Pagers will sometimes need updating with the latest software and settings. With TETRA, this is very easy – the radio fleet administrator configures the updates ready for the pager user to download from their home PC.

With active paging over TETRA, you are in control.


The P8GR is an active two-way TETRA pager. It is certified for use in the German BOS radio network.

Could the P8GR TETRA pager work for you? Kuopio University Hospital in Finland had a trial – showing the impact of P8GR two-way pagers.

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