How to get secure communications in 10 minutes or less

Published: 22 Jul 2016
Reading time: 3 min

Setting up a secure communications system doesn’t always have to be a six-month project involving technicians and engineers. It can be done in 10 minutes – or less. 

Need a TETRA network in a new location? You can load the two boxes that form Claricor Cell into your car and drive there. The boxes are built for heavy duty – with the covers closed, they are protected to IP65 against dust and water. Yet, each box is still light enough for two people to lift easily into the boot of the car.


Ilkka Kervinen explains in a one-and-a-half minute video what Claricor Cell is.


In this video from the Critical Communications World exhibition in May 2016, Ilkka shows how you can get secure communications up and running very quickly.


Just unlock the two boxes and turn the power on. The preconfigured system is ready for use.

“Turning on the power” might be difficult – but not in this case. Claricor Cell is a system that can run on almost any power source - batteries, AC power, DC power, Solar cells or an Aggregate supply.

This variety of power options make it much easier to deploy the system where you want it.


Who can use Claricor Cell?

Claricor Cell is easy to take with you on a mission, giving a wide range of possible use cases:

  • Military operations,
  • overseas operations
  • special site protection systems
  • crime scenes/natural disaster areas
  • as an extension to an existing TETRA network.

Two surprising notions from the video

One: When we look at how easy it is to set up the system, we can think of many uses for it, from mobile base stations to vessels at sea.

Two: the boxes look tough and durable - I wouldn’t mind using them for my life-saving comms system.

Questions this video does not answer:

Watching the video, you may notice it does say what the system weighs. Or, how big an area you can cover with this solution.

Find answers to these questions in the Claricor Cell datasheet:

Download now

And if you have a minute and half, you can watch the whole video!

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