How to get the right balance into your radio RFP

Published: 29 Jul 2016
Author: Satu Lamberg
Topics: TETRA radios
Reading time: 2 min

You already have or use a TETRA network. But what about your TETRA radios? Are they still meeting the needs of your organisation and users? Or do you need to buy new devices to meet demand?

The benefits of new radios can certainly be worth it - they can make your staff’s everyday tasks easier, help them be more effective, or even save money for you.

But how can you best specify what you need?

A few triggers might make you take the leap and switch to new radios. You may want to take advantage of the latest technology, newer standards or advanced features.

Don't miss the important questions

First look at how your organisation works and how it uses its radios now. This helps you define what you really need from any new radios.

But don't miss the important questions. Using the radios is only one part of your whole specification.

What about provisioning the radios, parameterizing them and bringing them into use? Oh and don’t forget that the radios will need to be maintained and repaired in the best way that fits your needs.

In addition, you may be selecting a radio, but it’s just as important to choose the right partner. They should be able to work with you through all these stages so that you always have the best solution.

In short, you need to question potential suppliers closely to get the answers you need. This is the role of the Request for Proposals (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ). A proper RFP/RFQ will help you get what you really need.

If you are diligent when writing the RFP/RFQ, you can get radios that:

• Are easy and quick to set up and bring into use

• Work the way you want

• Support your daily operations

• Can be easily kept in top working condition throughout their lifetime.

It can be tricky to write an effective detailed purchasing specification that will meet all your needs but not over-specify things. An overly detailed specification can prevent vendors from offering capabilities and functions that you may be unfamiliar with.

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