Never get lost in the PMR jargon jungle again

Published: 17 Jun 2016
Author: Tiina Saaristo

It can be tricky keeping up with the jargon and abbreviations in many fields, but in a fast-moving area such as IT or communications new terms are emerging all the time. Get our cheat sheet of PMR abbreviations and never be confused by them again!

Get the printable cheat sheet

Everything can be shortened into an acronym. And – I have to say this, I love them – when engineers are involved, everything will be shortened into an acronym. Even names can be confused as being acronyms and people will come up with their own ideas or guesses about the base words of the abbreviation.

So let me say right here, that Not Everything Is An Abbreviation! Or, as we might say it – NEIAA.

However, all the acronyms on the cheat sheet are real abbreviations. Master the shorthand language of PMR and never get lost in the jargon jungle again!

I’ve divided them into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, depending on how often you might see them or need to use them.


Want to print this cheat sheet? Download it in pdf format:

Get the printable cheat sheet

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