Take five – videos show how smartphones can transform your work

Published: 25 Aug 2017
Author: Mika Myllymäki

When buying new smartphones for your organization, what do you do? Read reviews, talk to colleagues and industry experts?

If you’re confused about all the changing technology, you might even look at market reports on the changes in the rugged smartphone markets.

Reports are fine as far as they go, but eventually you have to bite the bullet and get into the specifics of products and how they are actually used. And to do that, you can’t do better than watching four Tactilon Dabat videos. Here are five reasons you should give them a view:

1. See how they fit 

From product videos, it can be difficult to see the real size of the product and how comfortable it is for people to use. However, these four Tactilon Dabat videos give you a great perspective on size and usability, showing different people using the smartphone in different situations.

Two running security officers with Tactilon Dabat dual mode device

2. Lots of ways to co-operate 

Group communication is the main tool for authorities and public safety users and in the videos you can see how the new device enables both existing and new ways to communicate. TETRA and LTE working together help officers in their daily duties – the four videos show you how it goes in practice.

3. Imagine its great features in use

The four videos take you into some of the situations your users could face - something suspicious is detected in the harbor and the team is using pictures and videos to share the information.

Two police view an image or video on Tactilon Dabat TETRA and LTE device

How could your organisation take advantage of the camera and group communication features of this device?

4. One device transforms everyday duties

A public safety smartphone with a TETRA radio inside offers some great advantages – officers only need to carry one device, the organisation needs to maintain only one device and only one type of battery and accessories are needed.

5. Get a glimpse of helping apps

Apps are something many of us use heavily in our private lives – they could also be helping authorities in their duties, making them quicker and more efficient. One of the videos shows policemen checking identities and using maps – many more applications can be used with Tactilon Dabat.

Which apps are crucial to your organisation?

After seeing the four Tactilon Dabat videos, you’ll want to know more about Tactilon Dabat. To get more details of this device, download the technical specification:

Download now


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