TETRA on a smartphone - and four other gains from a modernized network

Published: 18 Nov 2016
Reading time: 4 min

You are running your faithful, reliable TETRA network and it is serving you well. It ain’t broke, so you aren’t thinking of fixing it.

But maybe your TETRA network could serve you or your customers even better. For example, did you know that networks running the latest software could give you five very attractive new options?

1. Put TETRA on your users’ smartphones

The latest TETRA core software can also work as the server for smartphone clients. This means that in addition to their normal TETRA communication, an app can allow smartphone users and TETRA users to communicate in the same groups. This is a fabulous opportunity for users who do not need TETRA radios all the time, or want to communicate when outside their TETRA network coverage.

One option would be to include a temporary workforce or volunteers into your TETRA communication for a limited time.


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2. Secure broadband access to data for network users (Secure MVNO)

Users could also have secure access to broadband data, able to use TETRA and broadband through a hybrid network.The best way to make this happen is to employ the Secure MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) concept, where, as the network owner or operator, you package your expertise and systems together with offerings from commercial operators. You would handle the confidential and secure information about users and have the processes and tools to do it.

3. Users can securely use professional applications

Broadband is only worth having when it is useful. The network’s users will have some applications already and with security in place, they could plan to adopt more. Many of the applications would save them time and money or keep them safer. They could include vehicle identity databases, location apps to keep track of staff, and video sharing apps.

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4. Both TETRA and broadband users are securely managed

For a hybrid network including both TETRA and broadband users, it is even more crucial that their information is handled securely. Did you know that you could manage both with one subscriber management system? You would be able to continue to define exactly which rights each user would have in each network.  For example, a solution such as Tactilon Management helps organise radio users into talk groups, as well as add temporary volunteers.  

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5. Be more prepared for exceptional situations

As we know, natural disasters and other exceptional circumstances can happen at any time and anywhere. Communication systems need to be ready, with the resilience to cope with extensive emergencies.

Rescue personnel helping people

The good news is, such a solution exists. There is one TETRA solution designed to survive even the loss of some key elements – and continue to function. The TETRA solution from Airbus.

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You could be reaping the benefits from these capabilities right now – why settle for anything less? Modernize your TETRA network and improve security and efficiency for your staff.

Network modernization should be part of your optimal critical communications strategy. Learn more: download the whitepaper “How to get more from your TETRA network – and build your future, too.”

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