Three reasons I loved Critical Communications World this year

Published: 23 May 2018
Author: Tiina Saaristo
Reading time: 5 min

The doors to Critical Communications World (CCW) closed in Berlin on 17 May 2018 following three days of intense activity. It was busy, it was tiring, but it was also very informative and enjoyable. After a few days of reflection, I have identified what made CCW so worthwhile this year.

Here are my three reasons for loving this event, and one thing that really caught me by surprise.

1 Big love

A sense of accomplishment. It takes months to prepare for an event this big, and when it’s finally the opening time, there’s a clear feeling of relief mixed with excitement, not only on our stand, but you could see it on the faces of people at all the other stands too.

At a major show like this, many exhibitors showcase their latest, most advanced products and solutions - competition brings out the best in everyone.

We were no different – take a look at what Airbus presented at the event:

The icing on the show cake was the Master Classes and the Conference. The agenda builders and speakers themselves made lengthy preparations to be able to offer a first-class experience for the audience. (Which they achieved!)


2 Deepest love

Networking. And just to be certain you don’t think I am concentrating only on making new connections (as important as that is), I really enjoy meeting people that I already know and pretty much only get to meet at these events.

Customers were my favourite people to meet, of course! Many of their organizations are featured in the Customer Stories area on our website.

3 Biggest love

Trendspotting. It’s fascinating how the top trends emerge in the discussions, conference presentations, and in what vendors show on their stands. This year, the top trend was “the world goes hybrid” by adopting the use of broadband in parallel with narrowband. In other words, the trend is not OR but AND. Current well-functioning voice and data services over narrowband will be complemented by broadband data solutions.


What’s more, the move to broadband is widely seen as being a process: an evolution rather than a revolution. Most experts recommend a phased approach which takes user needs strongly into account.

If you would like to move to broadband via network evolution but don't know where to start, take a look at these 14 great resources that help you evolve your PMR network.

The phased approach will involve three distinct actors: the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) who offers the broadband data pipe; the critical communications service provider who makes sure that the overall service experience gets delivered, and the user organizations who use the service, need the services to be mission-critical, and want their service experience to be seamless. Done right, the actors will all benefit and the result will be win-win-win.

Speaking of critical communications service providers - if you want to know more about them and what they should be thinking about today, download this white paper: “Why service quality is something to think about today - Know how your network is performing”

Download whitepaper

And the big surprise?

One missing trend. The trend that I was looking forward to following, but only saw presented in action on the Airbus stand was the emergence of professional apps for critical communications. The topic of professional apps did come up at several panel discussions, but it will take more than an app or two to bring real benefits – it will take an application ecosystem!


If you missed the CCW event or the Apps Ecosystem area on the Airbus stand, you should definitely check the Apps Ecosystem web page which currently showcases the nine apps presented at the show.

For more in-depth information on mobile apps trends, download the report on the third survey into the state of the professional apps market: “Users look for secure apps – On trend: A need for structured adoption of apps”

Download report

Missed CCW this year?

Making CCW a worthwhile experience for visitors is no easy task. It takes months of preparation, significant investment and often, lots of late nights to get right. But when it all comes together, everyone can see how important CCW is for the industry in so many ways.

If you missed the show this year, you have another chance to catch up with the latest trends at Critical Communications MENA 2018 in September.

Find out more here:

One last photo in which I'm the moderator for the Technology Showcase session "Broadband terminals debate - ready or not" 


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