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What you need to know about radio battery life »

When the battery runs down on the PMR radio, people usually blame ... the batteries. But you have a lot of control over how long your batteries work. Here are seven tricks that can make your Tetrapol or TETRA radio battery last longer:

29 Apr 2016 by Jukka Saari  |  2 min read
PMR radios

Seven critical display functions every PMR radio needs »

You’re used to hearing your radio – as well as receiving the voices of your colleagues, it may well make various beeps and clicks and even talk to tell you what it’s doing. But what about its visual aspects?

19 Feb 2016 by Bruno Milard  |  3 min read
PMR radios

Why we love these 3 PMR radio features (and you should, too) »

Picture this… You are a police officer, staking out a building in wait for a suspect. You need to contact your colleague but cannot take your eyes off the entrance for a second.

22 Jan 2016 by Bruno Milard  |  3 min read
PMR radios