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TETRA and your smartphone? It's a marriage made in heaven »

Tactilon Agnet continues to be a hot topic and people are really interested in it. No wonder! The app lets people vital to an operation to be connected easily and securely, even when they are using different devices or even different technologies in a hybrid environment. It took me some time to learn the important facts about it, and here's the summary of my findings - I hope you will find...

14 Oct 2016 by Petra Vakiala  |  3 min read
Public safety apps, TETRA future, Professional apps

How to build your critical communications investment strategy »

These days, mobile broadband seems to be used by everyone everywhere, such is its phenomenal growth in the last few years. But if you think the technology has reached its limit in how it can be used, think again because the future will bring a myriad of new uses in all aspects of life. Not least of which is its use for mission critical applications, supported by ongoing progress in...

30 Sep 2016 by Tiina Saaristo  |  5 min read
TETRA future

How to build maximum availability also in the PMR future »

Governments and organizations whose operations rely on smooth communications have chosen to set up dedicated communication networks. Their prime objective: availability. After all, failure in communications could jeopardize operations and put lives at risk. Public safety organizations in particular need their communication systems to be very reliable and always available. What does...

2 Sep 2016 by Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen  |  5 min read
TETRA future

What is the right number of devices to carry? »

What do you carry on duty? Your mission-critical radio. Smartphone. Mini-printer. Flashlight. Digital camera. Body worn camera. Tazer. Night-stick? Could you reduce the number of devices you carry? And how would you do it? Should you do it?

20 May 2016 by Mika Myllymäki  |  7 min read
TETRA future

How to decide on your radio communication technology now »

If you have followed the trends of the PMR market, you must be aware of the discussion and publicity around LTE and broadband. We are on the brink of a transformation in critical communications – apparently. All this hype is confusing especially if you are in the process of specifying a new radio communication system for your organisation.

22 Apr 2016 by Tiina Saaristo  |  3 min read
TETRA future