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Be a better PMR radio buyer - 7 tips that really work »

So it’s finally time. You’ve decided your organization needs new PMR radios. Maybe your next step is to write a RFP (request for proposal), send it out to radio vendors and choose the best offer.But, how do you identify the best fit? How can you know the radios will meet your needs? How do you pick a vendor that “gets you” and understands the challenges you face? Clearly, you need to identify...

11 Aug 2017 by Bruno Milard  |  8 min read
Critical communications, TETRA radios

How to fix 4 common problems for medical teams »

All medical professionals face the same problem – constantly up against the clock while trying to save lives. This involves plenty of teamwork, particularly in trauma teams and emergency surgery. Delaying an extra second could mean someone’s life, so it’s vital that team members work together seamlessly. But even the most efficient teams need a little help.Professional radio communications can...

2 Jun 2017 by Jouni Kemppainen  |  6 min read
Critical communications, TETRA radios, Comms for medical teams

Have your wishes come true yet? »

Think back five to ten years. As a professional mobile radio user, what capabilities did your radio lack and that you wished it could have? Today, have your wishes come true? Well we asked several users and here are the top five things from their wish list – see how many you agree with.

10 Feb 2017 by Satu Lamberg  |  3 min read
TETRA radios, PMR radios

How to avoid 5 communication challenges thanks to your radio »

Do you find your radios difficult to use? Ever have the signal drop out, cutting you off from dispatchers? Read on to discover how PMR radios can meet these challenges as well as others that users and the network may face.

3 Feb 2017 by Jukka Saari  |  5 min read
Critical communications, TETRA radios, PMR radios

Top 6 TETRA functions for healthcare »

Caring for desperately sick or injured people is the definition of mission critical. In situations where every second counts, healthcare professionals need quick, reliable communications. Read on to discover how TETRA radio communication meets this need with six top functions.

30 Jan 2017 by Jouni Kemppainen  |  4 min read
Critical communications, TETRA radios, Comms for medical teams

Smarter radios rewrite the rules »

Ever wondered why TETRA radios work the way they do? Could they be more like the devices we use in our everyday lives? Can a smartphone cut it in the demanding world of emergency services? The whole concept of professional communication is changing as it adapts to new ways that people work. A novel product is set to rewrite the rules of professional communication. Read on for the full story.

20 Jan 2017 by Mika Myllymäki  |  4 min read
Public safety apps, TETRA radios, TETRA future

The question you should ask when people use PMR radios and smartphones »

An increasing number of professional organizations seem to have started adopting broadband simply by taking out cellular subscriptions, in much the same way as the consumer world works. This can of course solve many short-term issues and even improve the efficiency of a single person. Yet, there is a risk if the organization doesn’t ask one important question before launching into action:

25 Nov 2016 by Rahim Zaknoun  |  4 min read
Critical communications, TETRA radios, PMR radios, TETRA future

A professional application that could save your life »

At a major accident, casualties need to be treated as soon as possible. But what if there are more injured people than ambulances to carry them? The solution is effective triage – deciding who needs to get to hospital immediately and who can be treated later or at the scene. Today it’s done manually using coloured paper labels – but there is a better way.

28 Oct 2016 by Jouni Kemppainen  |  3 min read
Critical communications, TETRA radios, Comms for medical teams

Why these people wouldn't go back to using cell phones »

What do you think of when you picture someone using a TETRA radio in their work? A high-speed police chase? A daring helicopter rescue? Perhaps you don’t think immediately of the clinical surroundings of a hospital. Maybe you have some doubts about why radio communications would be needed in a hospital. Yet many medical staff are using TETRA right now to make their work go smoothly.

16 Sep 2016 by Jouni Kemppainen  |  3 min read
TETRA radios, Comms for medical teams