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5 things you need to stop asking in your radio RFP/RFQ »

So you want to buy new radios for use on your TETRA network. You’ll probably have read lots of good advice already, telling you to do this and that if you want to get the ones that are right for you. But, what about the things you shouldn’t do? When buying new radios, which five things should you stop asking in your Request for Proposals (RFP)?

23 Jun 2016 by Satu Lamberg  |  2 min read
TETRA radios

What you need to know about radio battery life »

When the battery runs down on the TETRA radio, people usually blame ... the batteries. But you have a lot of control over how long your batteries work. Here are seven tricks that can make your TETRA radio battery last longer:

29 Apr 2016 by Jukka Saari  |  2 min read
TETRA radios

Five ways to get TETRA admitted to the hospital »

Why would medical teams want to adopt the use of authority TETRA radios? The bulky radios which police officers or fire and rescue personnel use? And even if they did want to adopt those radios, where to start and how to go about it?

4 Mar 2016 by Jouni Kemppainen  |  3 min read
TETRA radios, Comms for medical teams