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Published: 23 Jun 2017
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More than three-quarters of professional organisations are either using or planning to use mobile apps in the near future, says the second Airbus survey of professional app users.

These professionals are taking the app message on board and getting many advantages from the use of apps in critical communications.

This was only one of the findings from the survey.

New opportunities revealed

According to the respondents, messaging is the most common type of application being used daily. This means that there are opportunities for integrated messaging apps tailored to the needs of public safety and other professional users.

The survey also found that although cameras and video cameras were common, video sharing is not as widely in use. And when looking at the 48 respondents who listed the applications that they use, video was mentioned only three times. 

Therefore, there seems to be a market opportunity for developers who can offer effective apps that can help organisations take advantage of the benefits of video.

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iOS or Android - but rugged

When it comes to operating systems and the devices in use, the survey reveals that Apple iOS has become more common. What's more, people are clearly using more than one device.

There is also a move away from regular smartphones towards more rugged devices that are better suited to demanding conditions. However, most devices in use are still standard smartphones and tablets. The reason for this may be that people are accustomed to purchasing standard smartphones and tablets and procuring something more tailored and specific to their needs may be a challenge.

A trend towards hybrid

When asked about their intentions to adopt new devices, around 42% of respondents said they had plans to adopt hybrid PMR and broadband devices.

In other words, the world is shifting towards broadband and in a hybrid way. Hybrid devices are quickly becoming preferred over those based on a single technology.

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This blog post was updated 11 May 2020 to include the latest available information.

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