Why we love these 3 PMR radio features (and you should, too)

Published: 22 Jan 2016
Author: Bruno Milard
Topics: PMR radios
Reading time: 3 min

Picture this…

You are a police officer, staking out a building in wait for a suspect. You need to contact your colleague but cannot take your eyes off the entrance for a second.

Your dispatcher has to send you additional information on a text and you really cannot take any time to unlock the radio, select and open the message.

You’re working in the dark and need to check your partner’s coordinates, but can’t afford to lose your night vision by looking at a bright screen.

Impossible? Not really, not if you have the following three lovable features in your radio.

A voice to be heard

Have you heard your radio talk to you?

Your radio uses this very useful ability - Voice Feedback - to guide you when you select talk groups. It announces the talk group number as each is selected - when the group switch is held down to activate the home group, you will hear the radio say “home”.

It will also guide you when you scroll through the menu of functions by pressing the voice key. As each function is reached, the radio says its name, such as “scanning on,” or “silent profile”.

You do not have to look at the display.What’s not to love?

Police officers using an Airbus TETRA radio

But that’s not all. The radio can speak your language – simply choose from a list of the 26 available, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, and German.

Out there in a flash

There’s the normal text message we’re all used to - its contents may be nice but otherwise there’s nothing special about it. When it turns up on your radio you hear a tone and an envelope icon and "Message received" appear on the display. You then have to unlock the keypad and choose to read the message.

Then there’s the flash message. Flash message is different because it appears directly on the radio display. You don’t have to press a single key to read the beginning of the message. Or all of it, if the message is short.

PMR radio in use at an airport

And there’s more. Any user can send a flash message. Just type in the text and select ‘Flash message’ from the sending options. You can even send one to a talk group to reach lots of users – in a flash.

Keep yourself in the dark

Do you use your radio at night or in the dark? You will want to go to Night Vision. This valuable feature changes the screen to a colour scheme that is easier to see when it’s dark.

The radio also adjusts the brightness of the display, making it more comfortable for your eyes. The result? You can continue to work without it ruining your dark-adjusted sight.

Activate Night Vision quickly from the “Go to” menu. It’s even easier if you’ve programmed a short-cut under one of the number keys.


All these features have one thing in common: they make the radio easier to use; you can concentrate on your tasks, not on operating your radio; they can also you save time.

And the Voice Feedback feature, in particular, can help you avoid errors.


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