Airbus at the Critical Communications Europe 2017

CC Europe 2017

8-9 February

Copenhagen, Denmark

Do you want to see Tactilon Dabat?

Tactilon Dabat, the first-ever smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device
 Visit our stand A12 (Bella Centre) at Critical Communications Europe 2017 to learn more.
You will also have the opportunity to see the following two apps running on Tactilon Dabat.

The big leap in TETRA evolution

Tactilon Dabat is more than a smartphone. Tactilon Dabat is more than a PMR radio. Tactilon Dabat is a smart, secure device for public safety.


Tactilon Dabat, a smartphone and a full TETRA radio in one device

A new way to run triage

Important information must be communicated clearly during a life or death incident. Voice isn't always the optimal choice.

A new and more reliable method of completing the triage process is to make use of the data capabilities of TETRA radios.



Real-time video sharing

Video is often employed for recording incidents for evidence, but this is primarily used after the event.

Eye Solutions’ Real Time Mobile Group Video app allows officers to share the dangerous situation as and when it happens – to all connected team members and the control room.

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3 more things to see on Airbus Defence and Space stand

1. Get started on PMR evolution to broadband - the smart way.

  • Come and try the Tactilon Agnet app that brings secure group communication to smart devices.
  • Learn how Tactilon Secure MVNO makes it possible for you to introduce broadband services based on commercial mobile operators’ services and to control the security of the communications and subscribers.

2. Come and experience the new TETRA Server - the heart and brains of a TETRA network. It is based on technology you can trust. Thanks to its server hardware, it is easier for you, and saves you money and time.

The new TETRA Server is also a key building block for Tactilon Suite and PMR evolution - future you can trust.

3. Get your hands on the TETRA and Tetrapol hand devices:

You can also see an interesting solution which runs on a TETRA system, the new way to run triage.

Come meet us

Visit our stand A12 (Bella Centre) to learn more. And if you want to avoid all the hassle, book a meeting with us ahead of time.

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CC Europe Spotlight

On Thursday, 9 Feb, six experts joined together in Copenhagen for a panel discussion on the interoperability and standardization of national PMR networks in Europe.

Learn more about PMR evolution and about what's on show

How to succeed in PMR evolution

Broadband technologies offer a wealth of new opportunities for public safety organizations and their users.

This document gives pointers for driving and planning the introduction of mobile broadband and mobile apps.

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How to get more from your TETRA network and build your future, too

Get expert advice: how to start your broadband future today. Download your free whitepaper -

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Bring TETRA push-to-talk to smartphones

Tactilon Agnet is an app for smart devices. It lets you use a push-to-talk on a smartphone to communicate in a TETRA talk group.

Tactilon Agnet app


Security and control for hybrid networks

Tactilon Secure MVNO makes it possible for you to introduce broadband services based on commercial mobile operators’ services and to control the security of the communications and subscribers.


Are you planning to buy a new radio system?

When you are considering the purchase of a new radio communication, be sure to look at five key things related to the investment. This is your guide for it:

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Easiest to use radios

Get your hands on the TH1n slimline TETRA radio, TH9 TETRA radio, THR9 Ex ATEX TETRA radio and P8GR active TETRA pager, designed for modern paging needs.

See the complete portfolio of TETRA radio terminals.

Airbus TETRA radios


5 ways that a TETRA radio could save you money

Take full advantage of the radio network you use. Check that your radios – or the ones you are thinking to buy – deliver the five features that can give you better operations and save money.


How to be smarter about buying TETRA radios

If you’re a Project Manager, a Technical Project Manager, Procurement Manager or Project Sponsor looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network, this document is a good place to start.

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