TETRA radio communication solution for airports

Claricor® TETRA system for airports

The power of TETRA for airports

Claricor® TETRA system is the smart choice for secure radio communications.

  • Professional, digital radio system
  • Based on the open, proven TETRA standard
  • Meets today's communication needs
  • Provides a smooth evolution to broadband and LTE.

Get the details from the Claricor 7.2 fact sheet:

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Claricor TETRA system is a great choice when you need to:

  • Communicate with and manage work teams that are on the move
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently, and one-to-one calls are not enough
  • Broadcast an important message to everyone in exceptional situations
  • Provide people with a quick way to call for help in a personal emergency
  • Have the same communication groups in TETRA radios and also in smartphones
  • Prioritize people and communications in different ways
  • Set up a dispatching or command and control centre
  • Have possibility also for data communication mechanisms for positioning and SCADA applications.

Reliable communication is essential for making the right decisions based on facts, not assumptions. When teams communicate efficiently, it is possible to:

  • Save money and avoid penalties with faster aircraft turnaround time.
  • Ensure smooth airport operations - the right people in the right places.
  • Serve the airlines and passengers better.
  • Optimize resources for cargo handling - locate, handle, pack/unpack cargo.
  • Improve safety and security.

Claricor packs the punch of a fully-featured and full-sized radio communication system. You can start with a single base station and expand from there.

Claricor TETRA System can smoothly support any organisational structure. It is a good choice for

  • Airports
  • Metro lines
  • Oil rigs
  • Power plants
  • Factories.

Airbus TETRA radios meet the toughest demands. They are easy to use and proven with an excellent track record in these and other professional applications.

Claricor TETRA System meets mission-critical requirements thanks to its enhanced redundancy. Should a network element fail, the system can continue its operation.

Vital security features include base station fall back - a base station can continue to serve the users even without a connection to the TETRA Server (or switch) - and direct mode (DMO) communication between radios.

TETRA in a smartphone?

If you choose Claricor TETRA System and the Tactilon Agnet application, your fleet of devices can include smartphones. With the app, smartphone users can participate in group communication very much the same way as with TETRA radios. What's more, they enjoy this possibility also outside TETRA network coverage - provided that their broadband connection works.

Before you invest

5 key things to consider

When you are considering the purchase of a new radio communication, take a look at five key things. This guide tells you how:

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Claricor building blocks

The key parts of a radio communication system are the TETRA Server (or switch), base stations, and TETRA radios.

The power of modern TETRA
Taira TETRA Server
Small and smart with high power
TB3hp TETRA base station
Easy to use
TETRA radios from Airbus

The recommended base station for Claricor TETRA System is the TB3hp mini with high power. You can also choose another TB3-series base station. These are your choices:

Beyond secure radio communication

The modern RCS 9500 dispatching solution can meet a wide variety of needs.

Extend professional push-to-talk to smartphones with the Tactilon Agnet application.

When you need to record conversations, the AR-C communication recorder is your choice.

In addition, ElMo network element monitor lets you manage your Claricor network.

For next generation dispatching
RCS 9500 dispatching solution
Get TETRA groups into your smartphone
Tactilon Agnet
Retrieve a precise conversation with
AR-C communication recording

Grow as you go

Claricor is quick and easy to set up. The network can be running in a matter of days or even hours.

Claricor can be easily expanded as the needs grow. It is possible to start from a single site serving a small number of users and grow it to a fully-fledged network serving thousands of users.

Want to know more?

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You can also read about the Airbus / SLC references in the airport industry.

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