Beijing Games 2008

Asia's biggest TETRA network helped secure the Beijing Games in 2008.

The established network users included the police, fire, health, water conservancy and various government organisations in and around Beijing. During the Games the network was also used by 10,000 staff from the official event organising committee, known as BOCOG.


Security is crucial in large events

90,000 users relied on the TETRA network

The opening ceremony at Beijing Games involved more than 15,000 dazzling performers and a global audience. The spectacular performance was the culmination of more than 13 months of rehearsals and marked the launch of the world’s biggest ever sporting event.

This very public performance was matched behind the scenes by the success of Beijing’s digital communication network in keeping events running smoothly throughout the two-week event.

Nearly 90,000 users relied on Asia’s biggest TETRA network to provide them with secure and seamless communication services. The network handled up to 1,600,000 calls a day.

The sporting arena "Bird's Nest" in Beijing





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