SurgutNefteGas, the Russian oil giant

SurgutNefteGas is one of the largest oil and gas companies in Russia. Its TETRA radio network helps the company manage its operations. They can monitor any incidents that might occur, without the cost and inefficiency of sending staff on lengthy trips to remote locations.
Airbus' value-added reseller, T-Helper Svyaz LLC, was commissioned to implement the system.

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Innovative use of TETRA data

SurgutNefteGas is one of Russia's largest oil companies. It is located along the Ob river, in the northern part of Western Siberia.

Over many years, the company has been leading the industry in terms of exploratory and development drilling, as well as the number of production wells brought on stream.

In the 1960s, the area stretching along the middle section of the river Ob and surrounding Surgut was one of the first territories where oil and gas production started in Western Siberia.

In 1993, the property complex of the production association “Surgutneftegas” became a joint stock company of the same name. Today, SurgutNefteGas produces over 10 billion m3 of gas a year, which is a third of Russia’s total production.

Man wearing a helmet uses TETRA radio

SurgutNefteGas uses Airbus TETRA system to transmit data between the control center, the remotely operated network units, and the SCADA system.

The TETRA radio network helps monitor any incidents that might occur, without the cost and inefficiency of sending staff on lengthy trips to remote locations.

The network provides radio coverage for the SurgutNefteGas oil and gas fields, as well as a SurgutNefteGas pipeline part.

TETRA solution

In 2006, SurgutNefteGas replaced its analogue radio communications system with a digital TETRA solution from Airbus. The new system included

The system was implemented by T-Helper, Airbus’ Value Added Reseller and Terminal Distributor in the area. Deliveries begun in October 2007.

Initial network coverage spanned the city of Surgut and the company’s nearest oil production sites. In the first phase, the system was used mainly for voice communications. The advanced data capabilities of the system were a deciding factor in SurgutNefteGas’s choice, however.

In 2008-2009, 2011 and 2014, SurgutNefteGas awarded Airbus and T-Helper extension contracts to its existing TETRA network. These contracts included one DXT TETRA switch and a total of 45 new TB3 TETRA base stations.

The SurgutNefteGas' network now has more than 5,000 users.


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