IP backbone is key element in network modernization

IP Backbone

Key element in network modernization

Network modernization evolves the secure radio communications network towards the broadband future. An IP Backbone is an essential element in that because IP transmission is a pre-requisite for using future network technologies.

A nationwide IP Backbone is a valuable asset. It allows further development of services, and it helps achieve more value from existing investments. The newest products from Airbus support both E1 and IP connections so they are ready to use IP Backbone for transmission.

Key element in PMR evolution

What’s more, a network using DXTA TETRA Servers or Taira TETRA Servers can feature both IP and E1 connectivity. This is the basis for easiest and smoothest PMR evolution towards the broadband future.

PMR evolution can be smooth because there is no need to upgrade the whole network to an IP Backbone at once. IP transmission can be adopted one base station at a time and use E1 connectivity with the other base stations for as long as necessary.

Network modernization is really the first step in PMR evolution. Get expert advice for this step from a whitepaper that explains how you can start your broadband future today: "How to get more from your TETRA network and build your future, too".

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Benefit now and in the future

An IP Backbone in the network can bring instant benefits, but it is also a smart choice for the future.

Value today

  • OPEX savings
  • Makes for an easier system integration
  • Improved disaster recovery

Value in the future

  • Enough transmission capacity for broadband
  • A must for mobile broadband

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