Oil and gas companies

Oil and gas companies

Many oil and gas companies have used digital radio communication solutions from Airbus Defence and Space for more than 10 years. Over the years, we have built TETRA radio coverage for around 11000 km of pipelines worldwide.

Our customers in the oil and gas industry need mission-critical communications in the upstream, midstream, and downstream phases of production.

These customers have found our digital radio communication systems very flexible and adaptable to their business processes. The systems perform as well in daily communications as in transmitting telemetry information.

Case: World’s longest pipeline with TETRA

Transneft operates one of the world’s most extensive oil pipeline networks. It stretches across Eastern Europe and Asia. They have also built the world’s longest oil pipeline, which runs for thousands of kilometers in Russia through some of the remotest regions.


In addition, the following oil and gas companies in Russia are using digital radio communication solutions from Airbus Defence and Space:

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