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Secure radio communications and related solutions

Radio communication solutions, secure communication over radio, Professional Mobile Radio PMR, Land Mobile LMR, TETRA, Tetrapol and related solutions from Airbus Defence and Space meet the needs of public safety and other professional users.

  • TETRA digital radio communication solutions from Airbus Defence and Space mean seamless communications for the users – regionally or nationwide. Versatile voice and data services are available in the same system.
  • Claricor® TETRA system gives you smart TETRA communications that grow with you.
  • Mobile professionals need to be able to communicate, and not only with each other, but with other organisations as well. Tetrapol radio communication solutions meet the demands.

Tetrapol radios

Handportable and mobile Tetrapol radios are reliable and robust tools for voice and data communication.

Handportable and mobile TETRA radios

The THR880i TETRA handportable radio, and the TMR880i mobile radio are designed for you for voice and data communication.

All TETRA radios from Airbus DS work in any standard TETRA digital radio system.

Choose your TETRA radio accessories for your preferred way to use your radio. A well-equipped radio is a pleasure to use.

Radio features for personal safety 

Night Vision

Night Vision

How's your radio display at night? Do you work at night or in the dark? Do your tasks take you to places with little or no light?

Night Vision on your TETRA radio helps your work in the night shift.



Do you want a personal safety alarm?

Lifeguard on your TETRA radio is an advanced Man Down function. Lifeguard will notice if the radio stops moving, or stays horizontal for too long. It will send a warning if there may be trouble.

Solutions and products

Meeting the needs for secure radio communication
Tetrapol networks
Evolve towards broadband
Tetrapol network modernization
Digital radio for professionals
TETRA radio communication


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Secure communication over radio is essential for first responders, border security, defence and military forces; for airport operators; and for mobile workforces in transportation companies, energy companies, oil and gas companies, and utilities.

Around the world and where it matters the most, professionals rely on the radio communications solutions from Airbus Defence and Space.

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