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Nationwide mission critical networks

Public safety organizations around the world use digital radio systems delivered by Airbus Defence and Space. They require the secure, always available communications that our systems can provide.

People working for public safety need radio communications to run their operations. They do not want to worry about the technical limitations of the radio system.

Airbus Defence and Space is the market leader in delivering large-scale radio systems where communication is secure and always available.

Case: BOS digital radio network in Germany

BOS Digital Radio Network is a single shared network for all security authorities and organisations in Germany. The network is the largest TETRA network in the world. Airbus Defence and Space has delivered more than 4300 TETRA base stations and 62 switching centers.

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Case: INPT, nationwide public safety network in France

INPT is the national network for the French Police Force and Fire Brigades. The network provides voice and data services for all police departments: public security, criminal police, intelligence, prefectorial authorities and technical departments. It provides full interoperability between the police force and fire brigades. 

The network has been in operation since 1994. It has 200 switches and 1100 TETRAPOL base stations in the 380-400 MHz frequency range.

Case: VIRVE, the Finnish public safety network

The VIRVE network is based on TETRA technology and is used by security officials: police, fire brigades, ambulances, civil defense, frontier guards, defense forces, customs, prison administration, social and health services and civil aviation. VIRVE network has been in operational use since May 1998.

The nationwide VIRVE public safety network will serve until 2030. The Finnish public safety network operator is modernizing the network. They have a strategy with 5 steps which will take them to mission-critical broadband. 

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Case: IRIS, the authority network in Mexico

IRIS is national network for the Mexican security forces and the network interconnects 32 regional networks together. It provides intrusion-proof voice and data services and has been in operational use since 1999. It is based on Tetrapol technology and has around 600 base stations.

Case: Astrid, the Belgian public safety network

The Astrid network provides voice and data services for local police forces, federal police, fire services, ambulance services, civil defense, state security police and customs. The network has more than 500 TETRA base stations.

Case: JustTop, Beijing Government Shared Network

JustTop is a shared TETRA network for authorities in Beijing. User organizations include: Government departments and services, public safety and security, transportation, utilities, construction and emergency services. This network has more than 56,000 users.

Case: RAKEL, nationwide public safety network in Sweden

RAKEL is the Swedish national digital communications system used by the emergency services and others in the fields of civil protection, public safety and security, emergency medical services and healthcare. It is world's geographically largest TETRA public safety network. 

Case: EDR network has Hungary covered

Pro-M, Hungary's EDR network operator launched the TETRA network in 2006. It covers approximately 99 percent of the country’s surface. It is used by public security agencies, such as the police, border guards, fire service, disaster prevention, ambulances, armed forces and the security services. Today, around 300 base stations provide coverage for 42,000 radios across the country.



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