Radio solutions for the energy industry

Radio communications for demanding industries

Energy companies operate in some of the world’s most challenging environments, both onshore and offshore. Any disruption to production or distribution costs money. Problems must be corrected quickly and efficiently.

Everyday operation as well as problem situations require efficient communications. Radio communication solutions from Airbus Defence and Space are the answer.

Professionals need to exchange information in groups: they need group communication over radio. They need to be able to speak and everyone to hear at once. In addition to voice, they need fast data, too.

The Claricor system and TETRA system are radio communication solutions by Airbus Defence and Space. They adjust smoothly to different organizations.

Why choose TETRA?

What’s the future of TETRA? How near is mission-critical LTE anyway? Should you wait for the promised LTE solutions? After all, there is no mission-critical broadband solution available in the market today.

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Consider 5 things before investing

5 key things to consider

When you are considering the purchase of a new radio communication, take a look at five key things. This guide tells you how:

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Choose the right tools

Oil and gas companies need their equipment to be



Intrinsically safe.

TETRA radios from Airbus DS meet the toughest demands. They are easy to use and they have an excellent track record in this industry. The Ex-tremely safe THR9 Ex ATEX radio is a great choice for demanding environments.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can change the THR9 Ex’s battery and accessories also in areas at risk from explosive gases? This is the only ATEX TETRA radio with this ability. Without it, you would have to move out of the explosive area whenever you wanted to connect an accessory or replace a flat battery.

Or use the THR9 Ex in the dark

The THR9 Ex also has Night Vision as a standard feature. Night Vision makes it easier to use the radio in the dark.

Customer references

Many oil and gas companies have used digital radio communication solutions from Airbus Defence and Space for more than 10 years. Over the years, we have built TETRA radio coverage for around 11,000 km of pipelines worldwide.

Customer cases: Oil and gas companies

A secure and reliable communications network is an essential tool for energy companies. The network can connects the energy network's diverse elements – power stations, transmission network, substations, transformers, distribution network and – ultimately – points of consumption.

Customer cases: Electricity and power companies

Solutions and products

Claricor® for smart communications

Claricor radio communication system is the smart choice for industrial installations. Claricor

  • Is very compact in size
  • Sets up quickly
  • Packs the punch of a full-sized system.
DXT3p, TB3p and ATEX radios for the Claricor system

THR9 Ex TETRA radio

Ex-tremely safe handheld for areas where sparks or overheating could endanger a life

Learn more about the THR9 Ex TETRA radio, designed for use in hazardous environments such as oil plants, gas pipelines and refinery plants


This function can save a life

Lifeguard is the advanced man-down function available in TETRA radios from Airbus Defence and Space.

Lifeguard in Airbus DS TETRA radios

DXT3p TETRA switch

The fully-featured and portable DXT3p TETRA switch is ideal for Claricor TETRA systems.

DXT3p TETRA switch

TB3hp mini TETRA base station

The TB3hp mini TETRA base station is the small, smart solution with high power.

TB3hp mini TETRA base station

Digital radio for professionals

Secure communication is a must for people on the move. TETRA radio communication meets the most demanding needs.

TETRA radio communication for professionals on the move

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