Electricity and power companies

Electricity and power companies

How power and energy companies can be more secure with TETRA

As societies become more energy dependent, the importance of a reliable energy supply grows. Security of supply is also crucial for energy companies, since any outages reduce profitability and ultimately put the future of these businesses in doubt.

An essential tool for energy companies is a secure and reliable communications network that connects the energy network's diverse elements – power stations, transmission network, substations, transformers, distribution network and – ultimately – points of consumption.

Dedicated TETRA networks are extremely resilient to natural disasters, accidents and cyber-attacks, more so than other networks. TETRA networks are designed and built for availability even in exceptional circumstances. Using the TETRA network for critical data communication and an auxiliary or complementary solution for less critical needs can be an optimal choice.

Customer Case: KEPCO in South Korea

KEPCO is one of the top 10 power companies in the world. In 2007, KEPCO started trialling a new communication system based on TETRA radio communication solutions from Airbus Defence and Space. The communication system was selected to meet the company's needs especially in automated field operations and in control and measurement.

Case Study: How KEPCO implemented power distribution automation with TETRA


Customer Case: Munich City Utilities, Germany

Stadtwerke München (Munich City Utilities) caters for the many different needs of the people living in Munich, including their energy supply. The Stadtwerke's digital TETRA network provides voice and data services to its employees. The network also makes it easier to monitor and maintain the power network.

Customer Case: STEAG Energy Services GmbH, Germany

STEAG is an energy company in Germany’s Ruhr region offering many different electricity and energy services to its customers with the help of a secure TETRA system. It also offers TETRA communications services to third parties like oil refineries, city councils and many more.

Customer Case: Lechwerke AG, Germany

Lechwerke is an energy company in southern Germany. Its TETRA system provides voice and data services to the company and to external customers, including an external utility customer.

Customer Case: Thailand's Metropolitan Electricity Authority

A turnkey project in Bangkok and neighbouring areas will provide voice and data communications for the company's personnel. Automatic vehicle location, voice recording and picture transmission are some of the applications supported by the TETRA network.

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