Tactilon Broadband

Tactilon Broadband

Manage both MVNO operations and dedicated broadband

Policeman in the field wants to share a picture or video of the situation with his colleagues. He does not care about the technology providing this to him, as long as it is reliable and secure. In some countries, authorities can use their own broadband frequencies. They can have dedicated broadband services in addition to their mission-critical TETRA/Tetrapol networks. Dedicated broadband services might be available in remote areas not covered by commercial broadband, or in urban areas where congestion is likely.

Control and management

The users, organization, the whole operational model created for TETRA network can be reused with the help of Tactilon Suite.

Tactilon Management can manage and control the dedicated broadband users, groups and organisations as well. It provides security and service control.

Shared network

TETRA allows different organisations to share their physical network and still operate as the network was their own, private one. Controlled and planned co-operation is a important for the security of whole society. Tactilon Suite allows organization to use the same carefully planned models of operation also related to use of dedicated broadband.

Tactilon Suite can be used to control and manage dedicated broadband users regardless of the broadband technology or technology provider.

Hybrid networks - a flexible way forward

Learn more about the hybrid network approach - complementing your TETRA/Tetrapol network with broadband


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