Tactilon Suite for hybrid networks

Tactilon Suite for hybrid networks 

Control the security, subscribers and services

Public safety users authorities would welcome the introduction of new data applications and smart devices. They would like to use applications such as

  • Video
  • Database queries
  • Sending and receiving images.

At the same time, they need reliable voice. They want secure communications. And they often need to share data with other organizations. Just like they talk with other organizations over TETRA/Tetrapol voice today.

For you as a PMR network operator, the cost-effective approach is to establish a hybrid network. The hybrid network approach means that users can continue with their TETRA/Tetrapol network for mission-critical voice and data organizations can introduce mobile broadband services step-by-step.

How to meet the one challenge

The hybrid network approach lets public safety users enjoy the mission-critical voice and data and broadband as well. There is one challenge, however.

One user will then be a subscriber in more than one network. He is also likely to use more than one radio or mobile. How can users be sure that their subscriber data is secure? And that his several subscriber identities and devices are in control?
The answer – Tactilon Suite.

You as the operator can use Tactilon Suite to manage

  • hybrid networks
  • devices
  • broadband services.

You can provision one subscriber in the narrowband network and in broadband networks, including mobile operator networks.

Tactilon Suite also handles:

  • security management 
  • asset management and 
  • helps you achieve integration with mobile operator networks 

With Tactilon Suite, trusted personnel will manage the subscriber credentials in a secure way.

Hybrid networks - the optimal way forward

PMR evolution, Tetrapol, TETRA and LTE – hybrid networks can bring mobile broadband to public safety communications.

Public safety and other professional organizations around the world want mobile broadband to be part of their communications. This executive briefing explains how to make a success of introducing mission-critical broadband to public safety.

Download exec briefing

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