TETRA covert solution with TH1n

Go covert

Whether you work undercover, in  surveillance or in secret service, no-one must know if you are carrying and using a professional radio.

Wear a business suit, jeans with a hoodie, or sports clothes – the TETRA covert solution with TH1n stays hidden. This is because the TH1n TETRA radio is slim and light.

In the full covert solution, you can operate the radio remotely. This complete covert outfit includes:

The TH1n radio. You can also use this radio in a regular manner, of course.

Wireless Keyfob. Use the following functions with just one hand:

  • Press to Talk, PTT
  • Change talk group
  • Switch between DMO and normal mode of operation
  • Send short tone signals
  • Switch the radio on and off.

Take advantage of the slim and light-weight TH1n TETRA radio.

This video shows you several ways to use and carry the TH1n for a covert solution.
Video: TETRA covert solution with TH1n

Completely covert

The TH1n TETRA radio is slim and light-weight. It adapts to covert use with special accessories.

You carry the TH1n radio and accessories in a comfortable vest/harness.

For example, the Wireless Keyfob in your hand can control two important functions wirelessly: Push-to-talk and Tone.

Tone is useful when you cannot speak. You tap the Tone key and your colleagues hear the beeps.

How can accessories make the TH1n so discreet? Check this article

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What if your duties change? This solution has a unique advantage. When you don’t need to carry the TH1n covertly, you can carry and use it as a normal radio. You do not need two different radios.

The TETRA covert solution includes the things you need to make your covert operation a success.

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