TETRA network modernization

A bridge to hybrid networks

After the revolutionary change from analogue to digital technology, PMR network operators and owners are experiencing the evolution to broadband communications.

TETRA networks contine to give valuable service for another 20-30 years. Now is the time to modernize your network, because network modernization

  • Ensures that the network continues to bring value
  • Can save money in maintenance
  • Further improves the network’s reliability
  • Makes it possible to offer new services to the users
  • Can evolve the network into a hybrid network.

Network modernization is best implemented as a series of maintenance steps, not as a single large investment.

Modernization allows the network to provide value today and in the future.

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Why modernize?

  • Public safety organizations want the same capabilities that we have on our smartphones.
  • And they also want mission critical coverage and availability and security.
  • And they want to continue mission critical push-to-talk communication.
  • But mission critical voice over broadband is not available yet.

There are many reasons why existing broadband networks, as they are today, cannot replace the TETRA networks in mission critical communications yet. For example:

  • Standardization is not complete
  • All necessary group communication features are not available
  • Broadband networks’ availability and resiliency need to be developed further.

It would not make sense to replace an existing well-serving public safety network with an alternative that does not meet the critical requirements.

Network modernization with Airbus Defence and Space includes Tactilon Suite which combines the best of PMR and broadband. A hybrid network is therefore possible.

What’s a hybrid network?

In a hybrid network, public safety organizations will use TETRA (or Tetrapol) services for mission-critical voice and data and get mobile broadband services step-by-step.

Hybrid network approach graphic

The operator can offer the broadband services based on

  • A dedicated broadband network
  • Commercial services with the Secure Mobile Virtual Network Operator model
  • A combination of these two approaches.

Hybrid networks are the way to go

The hybrid model lets you continue with a TETRA network for mission-critical voice. You will introduce mobile broadband step-by-step.

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How to modernize?

The building blocks for network modernization are the IP Backbone, Tactilon Suite, and TB3S base stations. They bring benefits to the TETRA network today and will smooth the PMR evolution to broadband.

IP Backbone
  • Brings OPEX savings
  • Makes system integration easier
  • Improves disaster recovery and redundancy

In the broadband world, IP Backbone

  • Provides enough transmission capacity for broadband
  • Brings more flexibility
Tactilon Suite
  • Manages subscribers, organizations, security and services
  • Lets you confirm the identity and authorization of the users

In the broadband world, Tactilon Suite

  • Also manages subscribers
  • Controls security and services
  • Smart device users can participate in professional operations using the Tactilon Suite TSA app
TB3S TETRA base stations
  • Offer best-in-class coverage
  • Bring OPEX savings
  • Support both IP and TDM/E1 transmission, thus allowing a smooth transition

In the broadband world, the TB3S base stations

  • Can be equipped with an LTE eNodeB baseband unit for smooth integration
  • Cut the cost of introducing dedicated LTE capacity


Public safety network operators in Europe are already adopting mobile broadband services. Airbus Defence and Space is working in network evolution projects.


The nationwide VIRVE public safety network based on TETRA will serve until 2030. The Finnish public safety network operator is setting up a hybrid network with commercial and dedicated broadband to complement existing services.

Hybrid network - Delivery of the Secure MVNO solution is ongoing. Finland has formulated a 5-step plan to take the Virve network into broadband. The 5 steps to critical broadband will bring fast mobile data access to field operations.

Read the customer story on the VIRVE hybrid network approach - 

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Astrid, the Belgian public safety network operator set up a Secure MVNO solution and launched the Blue Light Mobile service for its public safety customers in 2014.


The Swedish public safety network operator set up a Secure MVNO pilot project based on Tactilon Suite in 2014.

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