TETRA radios for airport users

TETRA radios for airports

Easiest for communication

TETRA radios from Airbus Defence and Space are the easiest to use. They are designed for you for voice and data communication. They work in any standard TETRA digital radio system.

Airbus DS TETRA radios have

  • Large colour display
  • Straightforward menu structure
  • Customizable buttons for instant access to the services you need most often
  • Unique features, like Night Vision, Voice feedback and Call-out

When your organization uses both a TETRA radio system and TETRA radios delivered by Airbus Defence and Space, you can benefit from a number of synergies.


"How to be smarter about buying TETRA radios" - If you’re a Project Manager, a Technical Project Manager, Procurement Manager or Project Sponsor looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network, this document is a good place to start.


Keep them flying with the right radio

An airport is like a giant machine, one that needs close management to function well. Whether staff perform their job at the check in desk or out on the apron, there is a TETRA radio to suit.

NEW Tactilon Dabat device

Tactilon Dabat is the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device.

It has Android features and special ergonomics for radio use. It is a smart, strong and secure device.


TETRA handhelds

TH1n slimline TETRA radio fits in your pocket.
TH9 lets you focus on your mission.
THR9 Ex is intrinsically safe radio for hazardour environments.
THR880i handheld has 4 sides of communications.
THR9i is a robust handheld.

When your organization uses both a TETRA radio system and TETRA radios delivered by Airbus Defence and Space, you can benefit from a number of synergies.


Tactilon Agnet app brings push-to-talk to smart devices 

Smartphones and other smart devices are so common today that there have to be ways to include their users also in professional operations.

Special solutions from Airbus Defence and Space now make it possible 


TETRA mobile radio

TMR880i mobile radio is a good choice for cars and other vehicles:

  • Easy to use and to learn
  • Easiest menus and selections
  • Great set of functions
  • Versatile installation options.

TETRA data devices

The TDM880i data module works over TETRA. 

You can use it to

  • track a fleet of buses or other vehicles, and
  • see their position on a map, for example.

The driver or crew can also use it to send predefined status messages to the dispatcher.

Manage your radio fleet

Taqto 2 is the smart solution for managing and configuring

  • TETRA radios
  • TETRA Identity Modules (TSIM cards)
  • Tactilon Agnet apps.

It lets you manage thousands of radios with a single click. You no longer have to send the radios to a service point for updates.


There is a range of TETRA radio accessories and versatile carrying solutions. Take a look at the accessory catalogue and tailor your radio.

A well-equipped radio is a pleasure to use 


Special applications for digital airports

Applications can be tailor-made for airport use too, when the radios support Java - like Airbus radios do.

Task management made easy

ROCS, the Role Oriented Communication System from Mentura Group lets users make a call by using the flight number and the person’s role, without knowing their name or radio number. Discover how Düsseldorf airport uses the solution:

Get the success story

Smartphones in professional operations

Tactilon Agnet is an app for smart devices. It lets you use a push-to-talk button on a smartphone and communicate in a TETRA talk group.

This way, the people vital to an operation can be connected. Even when they use different devices and technologies.


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