Secure communications over radio are a must for professionals

TETRA System
Release 7

Building block for your PMR future

Even when your TETRA network from Airbus / Secure Land Communications provides reliable service to all its users day in and day out, you should make sure you are running the latest software release.

You could get much more from your system. Here are just the first 5 new things that TETRA System Release 7 can deliver:

1. Avoid network downtime also in exceptional situations thanks to Disaster Recovery.

2. Start the smooth PMR evolution by adopting an IP Backbone.

3. Enable TETRA and LTE: get TETRA groups into smartphones with Tactilon Agnet, the professional push-to-talk app. 

4. Future-proof your system with a software release that works also in the newest equipment such as the DXTA TETRA Server and the TETRA Server.

5. Offer new services to network users.

You are one step further in PMR evolution when your network is running TETRA software Release 7.0.

Get expert advice - this whitepaper explains how you can start your broadband future today: "How to get more from your TETRA network and build your future, too"

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Video: Prepare for the worst with Disaster Recovery

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First responders depend on their TETRA radios for critical communications. If a disaster takes out parts of the radio network, you need the Disaster Recovery solution.

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