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The critical communications (or PMR) industry is in the dawn of a major paradigm change.

So far the critical communications solutions of governmental authorities and critical businesses have been based on own standards, specialized technologies and dedicated networks. Also the business models have been following the same dedicated approach.

PMR evolution

The ICT technology convergence and the very rapid development of communications technologies is the major enabler of the critical communications paradigm change. Also public safety customers demand new applications and devices following the path illustrated by consumer mobile internet services and smart devices.

Secure Land Communications (SLC), a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, is a leading actor in the global critical communications market and the market leader in large, nationwide public safety networks. More than 20 years, SLC has worked together with forward-looking public safety organisations. Their dreams together with changes in the industry fuelled us towards a shared vision.

Our customer stories

Across the globe, professionals rely on their digital PMR radios when it matters.

Secure communication helps them do their work and keep safe.


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Future vision

More than 20 years, Secure Land Communications has worked together with forward-looking public safety organisations. Their dreams together with changes in the industry fuelled us towards a shared vision. Take a look:


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